Autographed books on the way

November 30, 2012 • 4:22 am

Several readers have reminded me that the autographed/cat-illustrated books I promised to those who donated to Doctors Without Borders haven’t arrived. That’s because I haven’t sent many of them out yet, for I’ve just returned from the UK and have been catching up.

The good news is that I have a new load of paperbacks and will begin sending them out today. I have a record of everyone who joined, so don’t worry. They’ll go out over the next two weeks. (It takes time to draw a cat!)

And this week I’m going to randomly choose one person who joined the Freedom from Religion Foundation to receive an autographed book (also avec chat).

Finally, very soon I’ll auction off the copy of WEIT autographed by the naturalists/atheists from the Stockbridge meeting, including signatures and slogans by Sean Carroll, Janna Levin, Richard Dawkins, Steven Weinberg, Rebecca Goldstein, Dan Dennett, et al.  It also includes a message from reader Ben Goren and a genuine inked pawprint from his famous cat Baihu.

Here’s a photo again. All proceeds will, of course, go to Doctors without Borders.  To refresh your memory, here it is. And I want big bids! (Click to enlarge.)


5 thoughts on “Autographed books on the way

  1. Hi Jerry,

    Are you still busy sending out copies of WEIT to DWB supporters? I haven’t received mine yet. I actually just sent them an additional year end donation of $1000.00. I’m not sure this is the best email to use to contact you. Thanks for bringing attention to a great organization.

    Best Regards,


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