10 thoughts on “Cat anxiety dream

    1. The one snuggling against me right now (probably sharing his fleas) seems to be doing so for exactly that reason. Although planting himself on the keyboard of my laptop was his initial preferred option.

  1. If I am going to mentally anthropomorphize my cat (and I am), then I am going to pretend my cat loves me. I might as well.

    Sure, intellectually, I recognize that her little cat brain doesn’t work like mine and I’m probably lucky that she can apparently distinguish between me and other people. But emotionally I want to play — and I’m going to play nice. My cat thinks I’m adorable. ‘Cuz I am.

    1. Good for you. After *I* have done something dumb, my cat looks at me with a look of Disappointment, Tinged with a Trace of Regret. That she could have chosen someone different, but instead she picked me. I feel the sting every time she uses it.

      1. That’s not disappointment; that’s a look of approval. What you consider dumb, your cat considers sensible. If cats were human, they’d be very disfunctional. She’s actually thinking “whoa — way to go.”

  2. Warmth – also petting -and conversation as well.I had a cat who loved to park himself on top of the cat nest shaped monitor of an ancient desktop PC. He also had his particular spot on my bed – where I could pet him at his demand in the middle of the night. He was a great friend & I miss him.

  3. Mine still haven’t forgiven me for replacing the hulking convective heater 22 inch CRT monitor with a LCD monitor.

  4. Adults cats usually don’t meow when they socialize with each other, but kittens do when they socialize with their mothers. Apparently adult cats which tolerate human contact view us as surrogate mothers and revert to meowing as a kind of neotenous form of communication with us.

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