Two kittehs

November 19, 2012 • 9:02 am

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember that during the Cultural Revolution in China, those guilty of “wrong thought or actions” were forced to wear signs around their necks confessing their “crimes.” This was often enforced by the Red Guards and accompanied by beatings or, sometimes, executions.  So it may be a bit macabre to post this LOLcat, but I’ll do it anyway:

And you can haz this one, too:

17 thoughts on “Two kittehs

  1. Won’t work. Cats have no shame, for they have nothing to be ashamed of.

    …and you can walk cats on a leash…though many likely would prefer the box-tow method, I’m sure. But Baihu not only gets quite excited when I pick up his leash, he makes it quite plain when it’s time for me to do so.


    1. What breed is Baihu? My limited experience is that Siamese are more amenable than most to walking on a leash.

      1. Baihu transcends breeding.

        His paperwork says, “domestic shorthair.” Visually, as with all tiger tabbies, if his legs were a touch longer, you’d think he was an African wildcat, the progenitor of domestic cats. His parents were alley cats, and he was an alley kitten for the first several months of his life. And I do literally mean “alley,” as that’s the only place I’d ever seen him before I invited him in from the cold.

        He’s most fond of me following him in the back yard while he sniffs everything. When we go out on the street, it’s generally a mix of me carrying him in my arms, him riding on my shoulders, and him walking on the sidewalk. When he’s on the sidewalk, he generally does a decent job of imitating a canid, but he also has a tendency to want to veer down alleyways.


              1. That’s why cats have staff.

                Baihu’s annual physical is coming up in a couple weeks, meaning I’ll have to submit the paperwork to the insurance company if I want to get reimbursed….


    2. For the most part, I think the world would have been a better place without Jim Davis. It has been many, many years that his odious comic stip, Garfield has been amusing or entertaining. His studio is now a licensed product manufactory, grinding out one mirthless comic strip after another. If Bill Watterson were dead, he’d be spinning in his grave.

      However, at the offices of The Cat Doctor, which is decorated with literally thousands of felid-related knickknacks, there is a plaque bearing the following message:

      “Way down under, we’re all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by theirs.”

      — Jim Davis

      If accurate, this quote proves that at one time in his life (before he became a comic strip-producing automaton) that he knew and at least partially understood cats.

  2. The only time I ever got cooperation from a cat was when a mouse fell on my face in the middle of the night. We had five cats at the time, and I found the smartest cat by the scruff, threw him into the room and said “Take care of it!” And in the morning, it was neatly laid out dead on the doorsill.

    But… for the rest of the time, it is always ME who catches the mice.

    1. I was out walking my dog* around the local reservoir one Sunday during the summer when a came across a couple with two small dogs and a baby stroller. The dogs were excitable little pomeranians, running around yipping and trying to sniff and pee on every tree in the area.

      Instead of a baby, in the stroller, sat on a nice plush cushion, and looking down on his two demented minions and lord-of-all-he-surveyed was a cat.


      * I do like cats and dogs, but I don’t mix them. Right now I’m a dog person.

  3. The practice of signs labeling the offenses of convicted criminals in China dates much farther back than the Cultural Revolution, all the way to early imperial days. It was in effect at least as far back as the T’ang Dynasty (618–907 CE) and probaly earlier. I have read portions of the T’ang legal codes, and many features of imperial justice live on in present-day China.

  4. The box trailer wouldn’t work with my current tabby or with any of my past cats. Stationary boxes are just peachy, but when it comes to transportation, all my casts have recognized the perfection of four paws over all other modes.

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