3 thoughts on “Giant spider attack

  1. Nice! That isn’t the original version & perhaps wasn’t approved by the ‘author’. I think this is the original HERE

    The original is longer & gives more away about how it was done.

    The ‘author’ does leave this comment on the shorter mirror video though:-

    “hey, glad you people like the video man! 🙂

    actually its pretty simple. The most important thing is to film it from exactly the same angle you later want the viewer to see the effect from. There are 5 projectors used, with a special kind of curtain behind the windows. so later on you split the video to fit to all of the 5 projectors and you get the right look from this one angle. But of course its a little more tricky than i said, but thats the main thing 🙂 hope you got it?”

    1. I was thinking the same.

      However, I think you could also get a more universal perspective that would be effective if you were to simulate shadows that the spiders cast on Japanese-style rice-paper walls. Put a light source in the middle of the spider’s box, put tissue on the box’s sides, and film each window (simultaneously) with a different camera square on to the window.


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