Peregrinations: back home

October 16, 2012 • 5:58 am

I’m flying to Chicago via Munich today, and it will be good to be home, though this trip was fantastic. I still have many pictures to share, especially from Portugal, and hope to post some before I take off again within the week—this time to Stockbridge, Massachusetts and Mexico City.  There will be peregrinations to Oxford, Edinburgh, and Glasgow soon thereafter, and then Ceiling Cat gets to rest.

Bis bald, and I leave you with this:

Oh, and don’t forget to look in at the Live KittenCam, featuring the five four very young “spice kittens” (Basil, Mace, Sage, and Pepper) and their calico mom.

h/t: Hayden

14 thoughts on “Peregrinations: back home

  1. Hope you get/got home safely, Prof. Coyne. And in case it hasn’t been said before, your pics and commentary from the many places you visit are very much appreciated — even if photos of sumptuous food makes me salivate when I ought to be getting ready to sleep. (I tend to read my email last thing at night, here in Melbourne, Australia.)


    Thank you!

  2. Kaaaachooo! Allergic to katz. Welcome back.

    As traveler meself, curious, are you productive on the road? Others. Guess, real question is who has tips for staying productive (mainly writing) while traveling?

  3. Jerry…
    So you are going to Oxford soon…as soon as I read that I thought of the 3 signatures that are going to appear on a copy of WEIT. Richard Dawkins lives in Oxford, are you meeting him and getting that signature whilst there per chance ?…

    1. I am not spilling the beans about the fabulous book except that I’m not getting Dawkins’s signature in Oxford.

  4. Yeah, that kitten cam has taken up a lot of my time. Btw, there’s a gif of “Feline” Baumgartner taking a leap into space.

    Looking forward to moar pics!

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