Caturday felids: Vienna

October 12, 2012 • 10:06 pm

So far I have seen not a single cat in Vienna, so my experience here resembles that in Portugal. Nevertheless, I know that there have been cats in Portugal at one time, since artist Gustav Klimt owned one.  A famous picture of Klimt with his moggie adorns the shop at the Leopold Museum:

SweetVisage, an artistsays this about that, but I’m not vouching for it:

Klimt was known for keeping large droves of kitties around his studio not just for the company, but also because he firmly believed that feline urine was the best available fixative for his drawings! The more you know…

And where would he get the cat urine?

There is a children’s book about Klimt and his cat.

The stores sell cat tchotchkes, so the residents must know of cats. Yes, I know there’s a bear in the one below. (Click to enlarge.)

This poster was in a bookstore; my translation is “One can do without many things in life, but not cats and literature!”

Another display in a bookstore:

Finally, when I’m in a local grocery store, I always inspect the cat food to see what it says about the locals. In France, for example, the cat food sounds like dishes one would get in restaurants: “pate aux legumes,” for instance. But cat food is becoming standardized all over Europe now. Here’s two LOLzy cat noms in my local supermarket, funnier for the photos than for the descriptions:

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  1. “tchsotskes” was new to me, and the pictures looked like netsukes, but according to Merriam-Webster,

    noun \ˈchäch-kə, ˈtsäts-\
    Definition of TCHOTCHKE
    : knickknack, trinket
    Examples of TCHOTCHKE
    a bedroom with polka-dot curtains, flowery wallpaper, and shelves cluttered with tchotchkes from a lifetime of vacations

    Origin of TCHOTCHKE
    Yiddish tshatshke trinket, from obsolete Polish czaczko
    First Known Use: 1971

    – which seems ridiculously recent.

  2. Billa (short for Bilaad) means cat in Hindi and some other Indian languages, specifically male cat.
    It’s just a coincidence ( just found out it is a supermarket chain), but that made my day.

    1. I went there today and spent a pleasant hour communing with felids. I took lots of pictures and movies and will do a post on the place soon. It sure beats the hell out of the traditional but often touristy Viennese coffeehouses!

      1. Viennese coffe, pastry, and cats? Is that even physically possible, let alone legal?

        Drop a Puritan or one of their modern Baptist confreres into such a blissful spot and the resulting thermonuclear cranial assplosion would be of Biblical proportions!


  3. I think you meant “I know that there have been cats in Vienna at one time…” (although this is probably also true of Portugal).

  4. I am sorry to rain on your parade but this may be the reason there are not so many cats around in places these days. Go to:

    When our beloved cat died 4 years ago we decided not to get another, because we wanted to encourage birds in our garden.
    We now have birds, but problems with other people’s cats.

    1. And what exactly is your point here? Yes, I know cats kill birds when they’re allowed to run free, and all of my cats have always been indoor cats. So why your compulsion to lecture me about this, and what is the connection between your lecture and my love of cats?

      And why on earth is this connected with the dearth of outdoor cats in Vienna?

      I’m sorry, but you’ll have to rain on someone else’s parade from now on.

  5. That “Literature and cats” poster has a footing that looks like an advert for a “literature and cats calendar” …
    Like this?
    I’m sure it’s funnier if you can read the German. (Probably German ; it’s a .de domain.)

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