16 thoughts on “Jesus and Mo on the ineffability of God and the “humility” of believers

  1. There are basically three positions about God
    1) God exists and has revealed Him or Herself in a very definite way.

    2) God might exist, but lives in a shroud of Mystery and ultimately little is known.

    3) God does not exist.

    Christians do bounce between 1 and 2 in ways that can be opportunistic.

  2. The attacks against free speech in Libya and Egypt are in response to political cartoon such as this.

    Thank you Professor Coyne, for having the bravery to post this today. We cannot be intimidated by mob actions and must continue to challenge irrational thought.

  3. I don’t know where theguy is getting that from. From my experience, catholics are always talking about the objective reality of absolute truth and that unbelief is objectively self-refuting because of the logical principle of non-contradiction and stuff like that. Not very tentative, quite the opposite tbh.

  4. From what I’ve seen, theists only start talking about how ineffable, mysterious, and unknowable God is when you specifically ask them to be clear. Otherwise, they’re neither humble nor tentative. Very suspicious.

    1. Yup.

      Nobody can fathom the mind of God — he’s the most intelligent mind, ever.

      Now, listen to this sermon of mine and I’ll tell you exactly what God wants….


  5. “[God] is ineffable beyond our thought capacity.’

    Good that solves the problem; I just won’t think about god at all. I’ll act as if he doesn’t exist.

    PS According to Wikipedia, “Pope Benedict XVI . . . claims St. Augustine as one of the deepest influences in his thought.” That may explain Benedict’s refusal to allow the RCC to recognize that this is the twenty-first century not the fourth century.

  6. Has the Jesus & Mo author been reading Andrew Sullivan? The first couple of squares sound like his signature brand of theological gibberish.

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