Candy corn Oreos

September 12, 2012 • 6:38 am

Oreo cookies turned 100 this year, and on their anniversary I put up a post showing the variety of Oreo flavors marketed throughout the world.  Many of these sounded great. Sadly, there’s a new one that doesn’t look so good.

If you’re one of those souls with an asbestos palate who actually likes candy corn, you might be interested in these. They’re found only at Target, and only for a limited time.

The reviews are decidedly mixed. Candy corn is like cats—you either hate them or love them. I’m in the “intense dislike” category (for the candy, not cats!): I think they taste like sweetened wax, and I always traded them (and the odious Mary Janes) to my sister for other kinds of Halloween candy at the inevitable post-trick-or-treating swap. As the video below shows, comedian Lewis Black calls candy corn “the worst thing about Halloween.”

And here’s the video review.

If you actually like candy corn, put your name on the Wall of Shame below, and if you’re tried these cookies, weigh in with a review.

43 thoughts on “Candy corn Oreos

    1. I also love candy corn, but it is tied in to earliest fond childhood memories. I love Oreos, too, but I am not about to go out and BUY bag of this hybrid cookie just to be able to participate in this poll. Sorry. I must draw the line somewhere.

  1. Fun Fact: If you combine candy corn with salted peanuts, it tastes just like a Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll–made since 1933 right here in beautiful St. Paul, Minnesota.

    1. I can stomach one or two handfuls a year of candy corn if served with peanuts. Then, they get sickening quickly.

      My wife absolutely loves them though…

  2. I love candy corn! For others! I gave all mine away, I did not want anything in return, I just wanted them out of my trick & treat bag. I would even give away some of the really good stuff to get rid of candy corn. 🙂

  3. I’ve always had a sweet spot in my heart for candy corn: it was what my pediatrician used to give me after my check ups. One single candy corn. I didn’t get much candy, so this was special.

    I would eat it slowly. First, you bite off the white tip in one tiny bite. Then it gets tricky. You have to gnaw at the orange part without touching the yellow. Once you’re left with only the yellow on the bottom — show it to your mom or little brother and tell them you still have candy. Let them admire your skill. Then gulp or nibble the rest, when you feel like it and as the situation merits.

    My pediatrician may have had some sort of deal with my dentist — though one candy corn is pretty negligible.

    1. “. . . :it was what my pediatrician used to give me after my check ups. One single candy corn.”

      Stingy and cheap! Being one of those that does not like candy corn, and does not understand how any human being could, this amounts to child abuse in my book!

        1. Lucky for me it was just water that I was drinking when I read that. That reduced the recovery time to only 5 minutes.

    2. YES!! That is exactly how candy corn is to be eaten! Amazing Sastra. I liked them for that fact alone, taste aside. They’re pretty tasteless in bites that small anyhow.

  4. I must be one of the rare folk who are in the middle. They taste like just another typical industrial variety of sugar + filler to me. The first couple I eat taste fine (because I taste the sugar), but then my palate quickly becomes overwhelmed and I don’t like them any more.

    1. If that doesn’t already exist just buy some black licorice and but it between two cookies. People eat anything! Roasted dogs/cats/monkeys/rats or humans, gummy eyeballs, deep fried butter on a stick, ear wax candy, balut, zit poppers candy, pacha or smalahove, fermented salmon stink heads, bacon-flavored jellybeans, raw monkey brains, bat paste, baby mice wine, cat poo coffee, cockroach candy or deep-fried cockroaches. I’m surprised there is no turd candy. Ninja-edit: Porky pooper candy.

    2. [Somewhat off-topic] Once upon a time, Baskin-Robbins used to offer licorice ice cream. When that rotated onto the list of 32 Flavors, I would go to a local B-R and order a root beer float with licorice ice cream. A bit strange, but tolerable.

      However, what I want to know is why it is very difficult to find traditional black licorice Twizzlers(R)? Strawberry and [ugh!] Tropical Fruit flavors, but not actual licorice!

      1. Better than candy corn are the similar candy pumpkins, etc. But my favorite candy is licorice allsorts, which is difficult to find (except at one purveyor of household goods).

  5. Love candy corn. Trying to think of a Hallowe’en candy I didn’t like as a kid and coming up empty. Must be my asbestos palate: I even liked the always stale doorstop-sized marshmallow “Circus Peanuts” … !

            1. Yes indeed! That looks delicious.

              Last week I had a truffle, made by a little chocolatier in town, composed of extra dark chocolate with a lavender honey center. The lavender was very distinct, but not overpowering, and the honey flavor very subtle and not over sweet. It was wonderful, one of the best candies I’ve had in a long time.

              That tears it. I’m gonna have to get more.

              1. That does sound wonderful.

                Each chocolate has its own distinct flavors, of course. Not that you can tell with candies that’re mostly sugar…with the real chocolates, a 75% cacao Valrhona tastes much different from a 75% Ghirardelli. The Scharffen Berger is my personal favorite….



  6. “Candy corn is like cats—you either hate them or love them.”
    Wrong. Candy corn leaves me indifferent; I have hated some cats and loved others. Same with dogs.

  7. It mystifies me, really. Except for my dad, I’ve never met in real life anyone who admits to liking candy corn.

    Candy corn is the best selling candy in the US, if not the entire world. Or was, last I heard.

    1. “Candy corn is the best selling candy in the US, if not the entire world.”

      Alas, there truly is no hope for the human race.

  8. I haven’t seen candy corn in probably forty years. Loved it back then.

    Wow, as I am writing this, a flood of faint but pleasant taste memories, forgotten for decades, has come welling up from somewhere deep inside. Candy corn meant watching Disney on Sundays with my grandparents, etc. I’ll trade you a regular Oreo (which I never liked) for some real candy corns next Halloween.

  9. Always hated it. Can’t bear to look at it, let alone imagine it inside an Oreo. I even hated that white lardy crap inside the Oreos (never understood “double-stuff”).

    Yes, I was a candy and cookie snob.

  10. They look vaguely familiar – so I must have tried them (back in the Paleolithic). But my first thought when I read “candy corn” was some kind of Cracker Jack/popcorn concoction. Tricky to get that into an Oreo. 😉

  11. I must say, I strongly admire the dedication to exploring the intricacies of candy and other sugary foodstuffs on this website. Candy corn gets my vote as just ‘meh’, but fun to eat in ritualistic ways (see above). Truly the worst, in no particular order?

    Circus Peanuts. No, just NO.

    Smarties. They taste like chalk.

    Those old timey strawberry candies, that came in a wrapper that looked like a strawberry. My dear sweet uncle who I loved greatly always gave them to me, and I stiffled my gags to spare his feelings. Which resulted in more strawberries candies the next time… shudders.

    1. Drove by Target. Halloween stuff is halfway set up, no candy corn Oreos. But… but… but…. there are Cadbury Screme Eggs! Creme eggs, the last holdout in seasonal candy variations, are now available in the fall. Excuse me while I faint or have a joygasm, or both.

  12. Interesting how Oreos chose to go with the “traditional” yellow, orange, and white candy corn and so shortchanged those of us who prefer the “Indian Corn” variant (or as we call it, “Candy Maize”). It seems we never run out of creative ways to slight native americans even going so far as to deny them representation in our snackfoods!

  13. I believe there was a time when I thought candy corn was fine. Just about everything sweet was fine then. Fairly young I learned to place its bland sweetness in the “not worth eating” category. Now, to be worth eating candy has to have chocolate in it, preferably very dark chocolate.

    Seems odd that Oreo went with blonde candy corn cookies. They don’t seem like real Oreos. And it’s not like candy corn has enough flavor to conflict with the chocolate.

  14. I don’t care for candy corn either. But it has one use for me! When I’m teaching my Dendrology field labs, I can liken the thorns on Smilax rotundifolia (a greenbrier) to candy corn. Similar shape, and the Smilax thorns are tricolored, green base, yellowish in the middle, blackish tip. So when I say they change color from base to tip, similar to candy corn, students always know what I mean.Candy corn, unpalatable, no nutritional value, but a cultural icon.

  15. I loved candy corn. Not so much nowadays. But as a kid I used to put a couple in my mouth between my gums and teeth, with the tips hanging out to create Dracula fangs. Halloween and all…

    Me and my friends used to go into the woods and use Circus Peanuts as projectiles to throw at each other in a primitive, candy version of laser tag. We were in high school and could easily get real laser tag guns if we wanted them, which really raises the wtf component of the memory.

  16. i did like candy corn as a kid, but i don’t eat it now…however I have an odd hankering for it all of a sudden. but, i also love black jelly beans and those weird peanut butter-esque candies wrapped in plain black or orange. if you really want to talk about candies that should die a miserable death, then let’s talk about smarties,pixie stix, and those nasty dots stuck to the paper.

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