Charity show for Doctors without Borders show now on the air

September 8, 2012 • 11:41 am

Don’t forget, as I posted a few days ago, that there is an auction and a show held by the atheist community to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. It went on the air two hours ago, and you can listen to it live here. It will go for 22 more hours.  Be sure to donate, or bid on the auction items. The unlikely pair of ThunderfOOt and Cristina Rad are live now.

Here’s the schedule of guests (click to enlarge):

I’m pleased to see that one of the autographed copies of WEIT is over $100 now, and the other approaching it.  Bid ’em up, or make a play for the many other great items.

Here’s a screenshoot of Cristina and ‘fOOt—they have shoes on their heads!

13 thoughts on “Charity show for Doctors without Borders show now on the air

    1. I think it’s ludicrous to withhold donations from such a great organization just because you don’t like who’s promoting them. Thunderf00t of course was expelled from FtB, while Cristina is an active member. So no matter which “side” you’re on, some like-minded person is supporting Doctors without Borders. Just loosen up and donate!

      1. Amen. I’m leaning towards “a pox on both their houses” at the moment, but I still gave.

        I mean, it’s MSF!

        Even if you don’t want to give through the link, at least have the decency to give directly. I probably should have done it that way….


      2. I think it’s entirely rational to not donate to a cause based on who is promoting it at that particular point of ‘sale’ as it were.

        I didn’t say It would stop me giving completely (which would be ludicrous). I give to plenty of causes, I have subs to a few and regularly donate on the fly via the internet.

        I also don’t feel smug about the situation, I feel sad, very very sad.

  1. Sadly, E-Bay wont show my actual bid, just the next increment up from the previous one. Come on folks, this is for charity! Let’s get into a bidding war! 🙂

  2. “The unlikely pair of ThunderfOOt and Cristina Rad are live now.”

    Not so unlikely, as I recall from my intermittent glancing at Youtube videos (mostly Cristina’s, she makes some very entertaining videos – check out Zomgitscriss e.g. this one: “” )
    … as I was saying, I think she gets on well with Thunderfoot.

    (I’ll stand corrected if I’ve missed some recent developments or something).

    Anyway, FTB or not, I’d certainly donate for Cristina if I hadn’t already done so.

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