Hump day footwear

September 5, 2012 • 4:07 am

The name is appropriate given the animal (no, it’s not camel). These are again made by Tres Outlaws of El Paso and sold through Falconhead, a superb purveyor of custom boots (for a pair worth $25,000, which took hundreds of hours to design and build, and is inlaid with gold coins, have a look at “The Mexican” on their website).

These are more mundane, but built like a rock.  They’ll be in good shape when I leave this blessed vale.

Now guess the animal:

67 thoughts on “Hump day footwear

    1. That’s where I was going to go, but obviously not. That means the play isn’t on “hump” but either “Wednesday” or “midpoint.”

      I still think it looks not only mammalian but bovine, which is why I’m wondering how it couldn’t be zebu….


  1. It could only be the most dangerous game!

    … MAN …

    How deliciously evil and decadent of you. I assume you skinned an undergraduate who showed up unannounced to your office.


    1. No, not Jerry. But recall (historically) Lewis and Clark and their 1803 expedition out West. During his Indian fighting days prior to the expedition, William Clark skinned a man’s legs, to make leggings (which, of course, he wore).

  2. Horse.

    My reasoning:
    Hump day is Wednesday.
    Wednesday is named after the Norse god, Woden.
    There is a painting by Emil Doepler which depicts Woden healing a dying horse.

    A long shot, I admit.

  3. Sea turtle (because they’ve got fat in their shells, kinda like a camel… maybe that’s a stretch…)


    Sea monster? (Nessie!!!)

    Hump-nosed viper?

  4. Judging by their website, you have better taste and less money than most of their customers. Gawd, I would be embarrassed to go out of the house in most of those!

  5. Hump huh? Could it be a camel leather?
    To my untrained eye, it also looks like yak. Yaks live on mountains, hence the hump reference. No?

    What have I won?

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