August 15, 2012 • 7:18 am

I’m taking a mental-health break and traveling east for a few days, starting NOW. I’ll be back Sunday, but will try to post sporadically until then (I have a few scheduled to go), and Matthew and Greg have kindly offered to fill the void.


24 thoughts on “Peregrinations

  1. I hope all the Sophisticated Theology™ you’ve been reading isn’t the cause of the need for a mental health break!

  2. Hmmm, if travelling east is good for mental health then what does travelling west do? Or north or south? A detailed study should be done. 😉

    1. From Chicago, traveling due west is first worse for your mental health, as you pass through northwestern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska until the sandhills. Then it is better for your mental health as you pass through the sandhills of Nebraska, southern Wyoming, northern Utah, northern Nevada, and northern California. Any further west and you need an airplane or a boat or you’ll drown, which is rather bad for both mental and physical health. Supposing you do successfully traverse the Pacific Ocean, you will find yourself on the island of Hokkaido. Not wishing to cast aspersions on the Japanese, I will refrain from indicating whether this is desirable.

      1. However, for best results in using travel as a means of improving mental health, were I in Chicago I would probably head ca. 1265 miles south-southwest to ca. 32.996N 107.910W.

          1. “That looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico.”

            Yeah, pretty much.

            “Petrified forrest, maybe? Likely not very pleasant this time of year….”

            Forest, yes, but not petrified. The elevation is high enough that weather at the moment should be quite pleasant. There’s shade (or sun, move 30 feet if you prefer the other), a little stream, myriad plants and critters, a good chance of afternoon showers, a low chance of other hominids. Along with various other middle of nowheres, I find it a place where it would be difficult to be unhappy.

  3. All things carefully considered, it is better to take a mental-health break east than a metal lathe hasten break.

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