Kitteh contest: Jade

August 15, 2012 • 6:35 am

I still have a huge backlog of readers’ cat photos and stories (please, keep them coming!), and will release them in the fullness of time. Here reader Penny offers her tortuous cat Jade:

Jade is her name, and she is just about a year old. She loves salad greens, string beans, peas, to be picked up, and other things uncatlike yet to be discovered. This picture was taken after I screwed her back together improperly.

I got her from a dog pound, through She was given to Animal Control because ‘someone was allergic’…the classic cat-hater line. Their loss, my gain. I love her to pieces.

32 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Jade

  1. Sharing Jade’s photo–great. Sharing Jade’s caregiver’s bigoted comment–not so much. Some people are allergic to cats. They feel physically miserable. Antihistamine medicine makes them miserably groggy. Do you really want to implicitly support her offensive and thoughtless claim that anyone who gives away a cat due to human allergies is, as she puts it, “hater” and, implicitly, a liar?

    1. I was allergic to cats as a child, but was lucky and outgrew the allergy.

      In several years of rescue work, I’ve seen many people use “allergy” as an excuse for bringing a cat to a shelter. Sometimes it’s real. But after some discussion, the owner will often admit that they don’t want the cat.

      Jade is lovely, and looks like a very lucky girl. Aptly named, too – those green eyes are beautiful.

      1. That may be true but I also know people who love cats and are deeply allergic to them. I agree with Caroline52. It’s mean to imply that the previous owner was a cat-hater just because some people use this excuse.

        “Sometimes it’s real.”

        1. I am one who loves cats desperately, and am allergic. It’s a relatively recent allergy–the cat I have now triggered it, I think. She was the first cat I was allergic to, and it slowly grew till I am now allergic to all cats. I developed a tolerance to mine, and can live with her fine, but if I touch her, I have to wash my hands before I touch my face, or I’ll have to wash my face and take allergy pills. =( I’ll keep her as long as I can (preferably till she dies), but then I won’t be getting any more cats. I am also allergic to hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs, so my future pet ownership is somewhat hampered. =( I can’t imagine looking down the rest of my life cat-free. The only time I’ve been cat-free was briefly, in college. It would tear me up to have to give this one away, though, to be honest, I’d move mountains not to give her to a shelter.

    2. Living in the allergy capital of the world as I do, I recommend allergy injections. Best thing I ever did. I hate to think what it might cost in the US because it isn’t cheap over here (about $400 for a course and you will need to repeat occasionally)but very much worth it.

  2. I’ve seen that pose before. Don’t be fooled. Its “come hither” but with the “so I can play with your hand like its a stuffed mouse” left off.

      1. Sorry! It turned out to be a black racer. A good sized one too, and a real beauty. We have seen it in the area for a while now, and they finally caught it.

        It seems likely that this snake is the reason the pair of mocking bird chicks the kids were keeping an eye on, in a neighbors tree, disappeared suddenly.

  3. I get allergy shots, I get shots of a very expensive (thank you insurance!) drug called Xolair, and I take allergy meds… so that I can live with kitties Rocky and Paddy. And if I could, I’d make the outdoor neighbor kitties Graywacke, Gray Kitty, Freeloader and Black Kitty into my own cats, too. (And get them all fixed; neighbors are not good about that.) But they’re not mine, they just hang out in my yard because we don’t have a dog.

    1. I do immunotherapy (drops instead of shots) and pretty much live on antihistamines. I still wouldn’t give my kitties up even if it meant I wouldn’t have to deal with the cat dander allergies. (As it stands, the seasonal allergies are way worse than any of my animal dander ones.)

  4. Fantastic. What a pretty kitty! As soon as I find your e-mail I will send you the story of Henry, the cat recently adopted by my family who was found hours from death in a tire in Montreal who has made a miraculous recovery. I can guarantee you that unlike Jade,Henry is in fact not a pretty kitty.

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