I have cat!

August 6, 2012 • 8:58 am

Well, only temporarily. Meet Molly, a friend’s cat that I’m tending from last Thursday until tomorrow.  It’s the first cat I’ve had in my crib for years.

At first she was very shy and skittish, staying under the bed or behind the couch for two full days. But the lure of wet cat food, treats, and a heavy dose of petting and scratching has made her friendly. Late last night, during the Mars landing, she hopped onto the bed and watched it with me.

I’ll relinquish her tomorrow, but it was good to have a felid around.  For those of you who wonder why I don’t own one, it’s only because I’m away from home so often and don’t want to leave a cat alone, even with a cat-sitter.

47 thoughts on “I have cat!

  1. She’s beautiful! We need to have company at our place more often so Pixel gets used to other people.

    1. Pixel, I presumed named after the cat from “The Cat Who Walks Through Walls” and “To Sail Beyond the Sunset” by Robert Heinlein?

      1. Indeed. We almost called her ‘Poof’, because she has a habit of disappearing rather quickly when she wants to.

      1. Ceiling Cat will find it useful deciding who will be scooped out of this earthly litter in The Kitteh Rapture aka The Kapture.

    1. I am a cat person and I am highly allergic. Unfortunately I never new what it was like to be health until I left home.

      I still love cats though, they epitomize indifference.

      1. I, too, am highly allergic to cats. So, naturally, I have seven of them. Screw health; I’d rather have kittehs. 😉

    2. Highly allergic cat lovers are a glutton for punishment. It is similar to that fatal feline attraction those brain parasites cause in rodents.

    3. It was a 1942 film by Jacques Tourneur who was responsible for some curious films. So now you can understand.

  2. Gorgeous!

    You know…there are people who travel with cats, just like those who travel with…er…those other carnivores.

    “Just sayin'”….


  3. That gives me an interesting idea. Always wanting to help folks in need, maybe I should start up a kitteh-rental for travelers like JAC!

    I could adopt poor, sweet, declawed kittehs whose bad families have abandoned them to animal control (not a no-kill shelter), and then share the lovely sweetness with only good cat people!

    1. I have ALWAYS wanted to rent a cat while on sabbatical or other extended travels! Yes, please do this!

      And the solution to not wanting to leave a cat alone while one is away is to have multiple cats. We always try to adopt/rescue cats in pairs, and then they entertain each other. Your furniture, on the other hand, is subject to slightly more ill use. But worth it.

            1. Of my ten cats, only one is declawed, and as it turns out, she was done with an outdated technique that leaves the toes tender. If I could, I’d give the veteranian a dose of his own medicine, for that. Previous cats of mine were declawed. Charley, done at around eight years of age, loved it. She impishly turned to scratching the sofa and running away just for kicks. Cat renters who are visiting here and missing their cats at home, would be mindful of protecting the hotel furniture from claw damage. If they were not, they might not be mindful of taking good care of the kitteh. If claw caps work well, it’s just a matter of adding their cost into the rental fee. As for me, I’ll relax and take comfortably old furniture, plus a nearby scratchy to distract and train cats away from it.

  4. A very pretty and polite houseguest!
    Glad you were able to borrow a kitteh for a few days. I understand about the travel problem – we haven’t spent a night away from home since early 2008. We never expected to have this many cats (and don’t plan to replace them) but I wouldn’t trade my time with them for anything.

  5. Her name should be “Melty”. Because that’s what I did when you said she watched the Mars event with you. How sweet.

    Dilute torti. Beautiful!

  6. I remember happily the day that I use to \sit with your Teddy. And no, I never found a hair on him that was not white!

  7. Advice, in verse, to Professor Coyne:

    Double your pleasure
    Double your fun,
    Get two kitty cats
    Instead of just one.

    You needn’t feel guilty
    To leave them alone;
    A Molly and Gib
    Are fine on their own.

    (A clowder of cats is a
    Whole ‘nother matter–
    With too many moggies
    You’d be mad as a hatter!)

    Just one of a species
    Gets sad and demented
    But a duo of kittens
    Are purr-fectly contented.

    So, hie thee to the shelter
    (Look it up on your atlas!)
    Adopt two furry littermates
    And you will never be cat-less.

    1. “(A clowder of cats is a
      Whole ‘nother matter–
      With too many moggies
      You’d be mad as a hatter!)”

      Dammit, I knew there was a catch with having a bunch of cats.

  8. She’s lovely!

    I love having cats around– it’s like interactive art. They are fun to talk to– and so enchanting! (I think you are going to miss her when her stay is over.)

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