Runners up in KittenQwest: pictures as kittens and adults

July 26, 2012 • 3:51 am

Although Napping Kitten (my entry) won the KittenQwest Contest for cuteness, there were two moggies I want to highlight as well.  The runner-up, owner of the ineffably cute Greebo, gets an autographed copy of WEIT, and my own favorite was Trix.  I’m posting below both of these original entries.  Both kittens have now grown up, and I’ve gotten photos of them as adults and ancillary information.

Greebo was submitted by reader Paul B., who sent this email:

Thank you very much for awarding Greebo a consolation prize.

For information, Greebo is a tom, is just about three years old, and is what we in the north of England describe as a cross between a doormat and a sack of chisels ie a moggy.

He is very much an outdoors cat who loves covering himself in all sorts of muck, seeds, twigs, and, for some strange reason, small black slugs. Being a true moggy he can kill anything up to a Wood Pigeon and medium size rat. Unfortunately he hasn’t managed to get a Grey Squirrel yet. He is named after Terry Pratchett’s creation, who also was a Mister Fluffy when a kitten.

Attached is photo of him in a similar pose to the competition shot. Surprisingly, he isn’t too grubby. As you can see, he has managed to grow into his head successfully.

So thank you again, and also many thanks to those people who kindly voted for Greebo and offered encouraging comments.

Trix was submitted by reader George. who sent a new photo and an update:

This is Trix sitting in her foodbowl.  She entered our lives in 2008.  I was lazily napping in bed when I began to hear faint kitten cries.  I went outside but did not see any possible source of the sound, so I assumed I imagined it.  Soon I started hearing it again and asked my husband to come and listen.  He didn’t hear anything and said I was imagining it.  Later, after dark, the sound persisted.  I went outside with a flashlight and noticed a small opening in the foundation under the house.  Surely, a kitten couldn’t have gotten through there.  But the flashlight picked up two little eyes in the dark crawlspace under the house.  Despite my claustrophobia and the good chance that I would be disturbing brown recluse spiders, I found the entrance to the crawlspace and crawled in after the kitten.  It turned out due to large ductwork and a bricked off section, I could not get to the area where the kitten was.  Alas, I would not be her rescuer.  But the little rascal got out on her own through that tiny opening.  She walked right up to me and demanded to be taken inside.  Now she spends her days lounging on the bed, directly above where she had been “trapped” under the house.

And now Trix has grown up into a beautifully-marked longhair:


11 thoughts on “Runners up in KittenQwest: pictures as kittens and adults

    1. Aren’t most felines “very fine”?

      These pictures remind me of the ancient adage, just coined a few seconds ago, that while kittens are cute, the adults they grow into are the cherries on top of the sundae.

  1. Ooh, such cuties as kittens all grown up into beauties! Greebo reminds me of my own beautiful cat Louie. He was wild as a March hare in his kittenhood, so unfortunately I was not able to get a photo of him then. He still runs when I get the camera out & I have a lot of photos of his rear end running away from the camera!

    1. Is that a cat thing? All mine seem to think the camera is some kind of demonic machine that will suck out their soul.

  2. Such beautiful cats! Trix is gorgeous. Greebo does not look “grubby” to me – he looks very healthy and well-groomed.
    Thank you for posting their photos, and for Trix’s rescue story – it’s always fun to read those.

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