Caturday felid: yet another klepto-cat, Denis from Luton

June 16, 2012 • 4:07 am

In February of last year I presented the story of Dusty, a cat burglar from California with an uncontrollable penchant for stealing from other people’s houses.  I thought his behavior was unique, but it has just turned up across the Atlantic—in Luton! The video below shows a black-and-white moggie named Denis Newman who can’t keep his paws off of other people’s stuff.

The alert sleuths on the BBC’s One Show, aided with a GPS device and a camera affixed to Denis’s collar, documents many acts feline purloinage, and in the act also maps out the cat’s territory.

Perhaps to atone for his mideeds, Denis is now an official sponsor for Homeless Cat Rescue of Bedfordshire, and you can donate or buy Dennis tee-shirts to help abandoned cats find homes.

Inevitably, Denis has a Facebook page.

h/t: Michael

11 thoughts on “Caturday felid: yet another klepto-cat, Denis from Luton

  1. I’m not usually in favour of criminals being treated as celebrities but in this case he’s trying to help the less fortunate, so I’ll overlook it.

  2. must resist the obvious … must resist the obvious … can’t resist the obvious

    we’ve finally found the cat burglar and he’s not Cary Grant in ‘To Cat(ch) a Thief’.

  3. Why do people allow their cats and other pets to roam the neighborhood? One night he might be unable to return.

    1. `Outside’ is kitteh’s element. Keeping them inside seems cruel. If we kept our much-missed kitteh inside because it was below zero outside, she would still wake us past midnight insisting on being let out. Also, I’ve made some good friends with kitteh’s whose patrol takes them through our back garden. I’ll never forget Stevie: I’d be sitting in the garden reading the Observer in the sunshine, and I’d hear meow behind me… and then Stevie would honour me with her friendly presence on my lap for a few minutes… and then continue her patrol. Sadly Stevie’s people left the area. Living a few stories up is no excuse: see the wonderful Cat Ladders website.

  4. One of mine (Liquorice – yes jet black) went through a phase, nicking neighbours undies mostly + a few baby bibs.

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