10 thoughts on “A cat goes to heaven, and moar

  1. Compatible with the nine lives hypothesis, anyway.

    And has anyone started making cheeseburger catfood? Seems like there oughtta be a waiting market.

  2. That first one is great. It reminds me of the similar door-related issue my dog has. Ogden Nash says it best: “A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of.”

  3. There’s a beautiful book for older kids called The Cat Who Went To Heaven, that works through stories of the Buddha and animals as an artist paints them one by one on to a big scroll. The artist’s cat watches silently until the artist relents and paints it too – contrary to Buddhist thinking (at least in the story) that cats are unclean. The monks who commissioned the painting are not pleased, but next morning that painted cat has moved to under the Buddha’s blessing hand.

    I guess kitteh kitsch doesn’t seem so bad when it’s from an unfamiliar culture.

  4. The best cat versions of the MGM lion were done by MTM Enterprises; first for the Mary Tyler Moore show and later for other MTM shows. There are several YouTube videos available. Here is one:

  5. The scene outside the gate … Darwin does that all the time. It’s raining outside? You open the door to let him in and he sits there; he drips while you persuade him that coming in is a good idea.

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