Cat ‘n ducks: some dumb videos

June 4, 2012 • 4:21 am

This is hardly great art, and I’m sure barely interesting to most, but I’m only human!

First, my unsuccessful attempt to befriend a vociferous tabby a few days ago:

And the ducklings at Botany pond are soon to fledge. The good news is that all seven are still alive:

I love the way they thrust their butts in the air when they turn upside down to feed:

8 thoughts on “Cat ‘n ducks: some dumb videos

  1. This from Wind in the Willows seems appropriate:

    Ducks’ Ditty
    All along the backwater,
    Through the rushes tall,
    Ducks are a-dabbling,
    Up tails all!

    Ducks’ tails, drakes’ tails,
    Yellow feet a-quiver,
    Yellow bills all out of sight
    Busy in the river!

    Slushy green undergrowth
    Where the roach swim—
    Here we keep our larder,
    Cool and full and dim.

    Everyone for what he likes!
    We like to be
    Heads down, tails up,
    Dabbling free!

    High in the blue above
    Swifts whirl and call—
    We are down a-dabbling
    Up tails all!

  2. Meanwhile, at the Cornell hawk cam, the hawklets have been exercising their wings a lot, but have not yet flown off the catwalk. Perhaps within a few days.

  3. I love this kind of stuff. Thank you for sharing.

    As I remember, you weren’t too fond of that litle pond when they put it in, or is this a different pond?

  4. The ducks and the pond are lovely. The cat was being a cat. Lovely videos, but if you could combine them into one video that matched the title, i.e. with the cat and the ducks interacting, you’d have viral video potential.

    I’m not saying you want a viral video, and the outcome of such a video may be less than optimal for either the ducks or the cat.

    It says something about what interests and excites people, and why there is so much pain and misery on the evening news. There is far too little demand for placid ducks-on-a-pond videos, and far too much demand for adrenaline overload inducing stuff. Another way to say this is that these ducks or this cat would never qualify as an item for the Colbert Threat-Down. But that’s a good thing.

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