Pre-eclipse sushi blowout

May 20, 2012 • 9:49 am

Ben Goren has sent me some photos of the group of WEIT readers who are meeting at the Grand Canyon to watch, draw, and photograph tonight’s annular eclipse.  Last night they convened at a sushi bar in Flagstaff. Although one petulant reader argued that decent sushi couldn’t be obtained so far from the sea, these photos do get me salivating.  Here’s Ben’s photos and captions (click to enlarge)

Two of these in particular should appeal to you… [JAC: It has to be the Jerry and Black Cat rolls! Click to enlarge.]

More noms.  This might be the Jerry roll, and that’s reader daveau, I believe:

And this is surely the Black Cat Roll:

Finally, the group (minus Ben, who’s obviously taking the picture): From right to left I identify them as Justin Zimmer, Kelly Houle, Kelly’s partner (sorry, don’t remember his name), daveau, and Dave.

I wish I were there, but we’ll have some awesome documentation of the eclipse, I hope by tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Pre-eclipse sushi blowout

  1. OMG that used to be a strip club! Fifty-cent shots and dollar pitchers of beer on Tuesdays! Yeah, we all used to salivate there, too.

    You’re all going to die!

    You’d be safer with a green chili omelette at the BVC. The waitress’ name was Barb and she was old enough to be your mom, although she wasn’t adverse to “robbing the cradle” if you know what I mean. She called everybody “Hon” and always apologized if she dropped a little cigarette ash on your omelette. Unlimited coffee for a dime.

    All sushi is good for in Flagstaff, he said petulantly, is to catch a trout with down at Walnut Creek. Now, that’s good eatin’, Hon!

      1. That was my immediate connection as well.

        Thanks for the colorful memories! Ah, gets me hankering for visiting US again.

        As soon as the officials stop grabbing your tuchus for anything else than your wallet. I consider myself jerry-twigged on that!

  2. Looking forward to pics and stories. Wish I were there. Would love to go riding around the Grand Canyon.

    Love sushi, sashimi & nigiri. Don’t know if this particular place is good, but I love that decent sushi places have become so wide spread these days.

  3. Damn. It’s clouding up, right on schedule in Colo Spgs.

    There is excellent sushi to be had here, BTW. I would avoid the “American” style rolls, though, unless you are sure they are not being filled with scraps & scrapings. And don’t even bother with that stuff they are peddling in the supermarkets.

    Flash frozen nigiri. That’s the ticket. Doesn’t matter how far you are from the ocean. If you’re having raw fish, it’d have to be flash frozen, or you really are playing with fire (and parasites). Perhaps farmed New Zealand salmon is the one exception to that rule, but I expect even that will change any time now.

  4. L-R: Ken, Kelly, Ben, Daveau, Justin. The serveuse took the photo. Moi with the Jerry roll.

    As I write, Ben and I are headed back to Flagstaff after shooting the eclipse. Kelly and Ken were there with us; Kelly painting, and Ken shooting time-lapse HD video. Ben thinks he has a few really satisfactory shots, but post production work will wait until Tuesday, although he may take a few iPhone pix of the camera display, so you will have an idea what to expect. Kelly will no doubt have something, also.

    And if that was Jeff who called us today, we had virtually no reception, and your message was garbled. Sorry we missed you.

    A really great time was had by all!

    Cheers from Ben & me.

    1. Yay!

      The clouding here in C Springs turned out to make for really cool viewing. The sun was low and filtered, and so could point my trusty 50x binocs at it – and focus a really picturesque image onto a sheet of paper. Little risk of messing up my prism.

      I was able to show a few neighbor kids the sight as well. Really cool.

      1. Reading along I thought, Oh Boy! We’re going to have fried eyes for supper tonight, 50X too! Then all hope was lost as you brought out the damned christian doG sheet of paper:( Not your fault of course, I should have known not to anticipate fried eyes from an atheist.

    2. I was going to meet up with you guys at Lipan point but, by the time I got there (5:00), the park service had the entrance closed so we ended up at the Watchtower. I need to sift through my camera but I think the only decent shots I got were of all the Raven’s begging for pizza in the picnic area (they’re much craftier that pigeon’s, they’ll try to sneak in and snatch the food off your plate when your back is turned!)

      1. It turned into kind of a zoo by about 3:00 and the Rangers shut down the access. Way more people than they expected; it clearly caught everyone by surprise. Cell reception was almost nonexistent. If you got any decent shots, we all want to see them.

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