A Jurassic LOLcat

April 5, 2012 • 9:42 am

I appreciate all the readers who wrote in saying they like the biology posts.  Now, I don’t plan to change the mix on this website (and those of you who asked for more atheism, fewer cats, and so on might be disappointed), but I’m glad people get some benefit from the science.  At any rate, those miscreants who wrote that they ignore the cat posts can stop reading this one.

Re today’s post on feathered theropods, here’s how a Jurassic moggie would dine (it also happens to be the best LOLcat ever):

28 thoughts on “A Jurassic LOLcat

  1. Please add me to the list of those who soak up and enjoy the science posts – but never make comments (being retired from the field, it is great to have a window on the action). And I love the religion and cat posts as well.

  2. I did come for the science. And stayed for teh kittehs. But someone has to do something about these evil, evil puns.

  3. I love the cat posts, the atheist posts and the biology posts, but not so much the food and boot post. But, I like the *mix*. It is charming and quirky and fun. Just biology posts would be meh.

  4. Science connection:

    The complex, multi-tiered, multicultural humor in the caption is a perfect illustration of how difficult it is to create true artificial intelligence.

    (Never thought I’d be promoting LOLcats as a Turing Test, but there you are)

  5. Love it 🙂 Evolutionary biology, philosophy, existential dilemmas, & perhaps the potential for a delicate feathering on the area of what happens to the religious in faith crises – & cats!

  6. Who are the a-holes who said less cats? There are NEVER too many cats!

    I also love the posts on biology, I am only sorry I don’t understand more.

  7. I read everything, but I come here for the science posts. I don’t consider you an expert on anything but biology, Jerry. I love your evolution writing. But I frankly don’t need you for the atheist stuff. Same with PZ Myers. It’s interesting enough and I read it, but no more so than if anyone else wrote it. It’s the science expertise that makes you stand out.

    1. Sorry, but I find comments like this unbelievably arrogant. If you don’t want to read something, I’ve written, then don’t. There’s no additional need to tell me that you don’t consider me an expert on anything, except as a way of being rude.

      I think the rudeness of comments like yours comes from your inability to comprehend how you would feel if somebody told you the same thing. This website is my house, and you don’t come into my home and be rude for no particular reason.

      I really do suggest you hie yourself elsewhere.

  8. Yikes! Peterson got smacked in the mouth!

    I first came here for the biology, ‘Speciation’ is simply mind blowing; why that book isn’t more well known is beyond me. The “religion is dumb” posts get a little old; because duh – religion is dumb, let’s move on. But I gotta say, the recent focus on free will is awesome! Love those discussions, keep ’em coming!

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