14 thoughts on “Kodak’s April Fool’s joke

  1. Gee, maybe Kodak could team up with AnimalPlanet’s “Animal Hoarders.” The team of therapists and clean-up specialists could use it — but only in reverse, of course. They’d provide the kittens.

    Otherwise, if the animal hoarder was also a shopaholic and bought this — it could be disastrous. But, good tv.

  2. I hear Sharp was going to cut in on the new market, but had to withdraw their product.

    They were accused of being copycats.

    1. “Or, more intriguingly, the fangs may have been an oddity of evolution that didn’t provide any benefits to individual lemmings yet still may have been useful to the species, says Poisson.”

      Isn’t that group selection? I thought that idea had fallen out of favour? I think there’s something a bit fishy about this article.

  3. arXiv doesn’t update on Sundays so this piece of “sophisticated theology” had to wait for today:
    “We show that the number of gods in a universe must equal the Euler characteristics of its underlying manifold. By incorporating the classical cosmological argument for creation, this result builds a bridge between theology and physics and makes theism a testable hypothesis. Theological implications are profound since the theorem gives us new insights in the topological structure of heavens and hells. Recent astronomical observations can not reject theism, but data are slightly in favor of atheism.”

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