Cutissimo baby owls

March 28, 2012 • 12:09 pm

by Matthew Cobb

These orphaned baby owls are named Christie and Linford, after the famous UK sprinter, Linford Christie.


They are six weeks old and were hatched and hand reared by park keeper Jimmy Robinson from Wiltshire. Jimmy is reading Jerry’s favourite book nature book



















I saw this on @scicurious ‘s twitter feed, where it was linked to this site where there are more pics. The original pics, sadly, appear to be on the Daily Mail website (I’m not linking there…)

8 thoughts on “Cutissimo baby owls

    1. That’s a really good shot.
      The next one with the fox and the skunk also has a certain je ne sais quoi about it 😉

  1. This stimulated a flashback. When I was about ten, we hand reared a baby owl that apparently had fallen from a nest. His name was “Wol” after the character in the Pooh books. What I remember most vividly is the looks on visitors faces as they realized that, yes, there is an owl perched on the top of the living room drapes.

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