Free DVD on human evolution

March 23, 2012 • 11:59 am

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is making available a free DVD of its holiday lectures on human evolution, “Bones, Stones, and Genes: The Origin of Modern Humans,” featuring talks by three noted scientists. I’ve posted on this before, but the DVD has just become available.  So if you haven’t ordered it, now’s the time (order it here). You have to fill in a form and also register, but that’s not hard). HHMI’s description:

When Darwin proposed that humans evolved from a common ancestor with the great apes, he lacked fossil evidence to support his idea. One hundred and fifty years later, the evidence for human evolution is plentiful and growing, including detailed molecular genetics data, an impressive fossil record, and artifacts of early human culture like stone tools.

In four presentations, leading scientists John Shea of Stony Brook University, Sarah Tishkoff of the University of Pennsylvania, and Tim White of the University of California, Berkeley, guide us on a global exploration spanning millions of years to illuminate the rise of modern humans.

The price is right and the talks should be good.  What’s stopping you?

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    1. The program may be broadcast, duplicated, and distributed within educational systems for not-for-profit educational purposes. Any other usage requires the written permission of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. This is due to conditions on some third party material that the lectures contain. But, it can be streamed from BioInteractive and downloaded as a podcast!

  1. I ordered this this morning before i read this. (I think that may be the most thises I’ve ever put in one sentence.) (What’s the plural of “this”?)

  2. You don’t have to order it. It is also available on demand in HD on their site. If you have your HDTV connected to your computer (or don’t mind watching 30+ minute videos on your computer monitor) you can watch these right now. I am currently viewing the first Tim White one on a 19″ monitor, and will probably click a few buttons later this weekend and watch the others from the comfort of my easy chair on a 40 inch HDTV.

  3. Thank you. I will enjoy these DVDs and articles and I appreciate the price. For anyone who didn’t notice, everything is free on that site. I requested Mr. Hughes to autograph the things I ordered. I’m praying he does it.

  4. Just received my copy of “The Making Of The Fittest.” Everyone should get these DVD’s, they provide the lay person (like me) with the lastest and greatest information. And now it looks like I’ve got to get another one!!

  5. Watched them online after seeing the original post here. Definitely some good lectures. Interesting and well worth the time.

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