Which one of these things is not like the others?

March 23, 2012 • 11:14 am

From the Guardian‘s Week in Wildlife via Matthew Cobb (click to enlarge):

This little owl wasn't fooling anyone when it tried to blend in on a telegraph pole. It was spotted by wildlife photographer Mircea Costina in Dobrogea, Romania - but only after another bird gave its position away. Little owls are usually observed in daylight when they will find high perches from which to swoop down onto their prey. Photograph by Mircea Costina/Rex Features

22 thoughts on “Which one of these things is not like the others?

    1. How do you know it’s upside down? Maybe the camera is and that one is the only one not upside down.

        1. I feel obliged to point out that since 2005, Daleks have been able to fly. The relevant command is ‘elevate’. Apologies for the geekery.

  1. The description states “This little owl …” Well, that actually IS a little owl, the common name for the species Athene noctua

  2. I wonder if the Little Owl is inteligent enough to look at the perches available and think “hmmmmm, looks like i’ll blend in better up there” then make a decision bassed on potential camoflague.

  3. I love these little owls; they’re such gorgeous little dinosaurs. This one gets extra points for mimicking a Dalek.

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