22 thoughts on “Caturday felid: Cat slap

  1. Clearly these cats are member of Felis Dei, a sect of the Cat-olic Church requiring flagellation to please Ceiling Cat

    1. That was my thought. It takes religion to put the M in S&M.
      We all know cats are natural sadists.

  2. i wonder whether joy division would have had the same impact if stephen morris’ sense of rhythm had been on a par with that of the cat beater.

    1. Maybe Stephen wouldn’t be such a good drummer if his drums moved.

      BTW, Stephen and Gillian have had a post New Order project called The Other Two. Interesting, but I still like Monaco better, cause Peter Hook is awesome.

  3. I’d like to give him a Hitch slap upside his head. He’s a beefy-looking, ham-fisted guy, and those slaps would hurt me, I bet.

    1. Give the cats some credit. If they didn’t like it, they’d leave. Notice how they look up at him when he pauses, like why’d you stop? I know a guy who drums on his cats’ ribs with his fingers (he’s tall, and has really long fingers), and it looks like it might hurt, but the cats are totally tolerant. He also does it extra fast, and makes it sound like a helicopter–highly entertaining!

    2. Since the cats weren’t nailed down, and hung around for more of same, presumably they can’t have disliked it too intensely.

    3. I’d like to Hitch slap you upside the head for that comment.

      If it hurts you, it doesn’t mean the cats aren’t totally diggin’ it.

      1. So Bite Me! Ears back and flat means they ain’t really diggin’ it no more. None of my cats would go for that.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me that cats like those good firm slaps, even kind of hard. Almost like you can slap a horse on its rump.

  5. I used to have a Siamese cat, a really big one, that could not get enough back patting. Lower back, just above the tail, and quite firmly, was preferred. Once someone started doing patting though they had to keep at it until the cat let them know it was enough — with a swipe of the paw. Stopping early was not allowed.

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