18 thoughts on “Baby otters for the weekend

  1. Not to be a thread hog or anything…or go wildly off topic, but…

    …well, it’s amazing. It’s been a hundred million years (literally!) since we shared an ancestor, those otterlets and me, and yet I still feel a strong kinship with them.

    Jerry, if you’d care to do a post on the evolutionary origins of how all these visual and other cues tie in to cause us to so strongly and instinctively feel such such affinity with such distantly-related cousins, I’d love to read it.

    I mean, at first blush, one would only expect us to feel kinship with “blood relatives.” But we share 99 44/100% of our genes with all humans, including the genes to cause us to feel this way to our close relatives.

    And we also share…what, upwards of 85% of our genes with otters? Obviously, the “feel protective towards young’uns you’re related to” gene is in that 85%.


    1. Wow, 94.4my according to the iPhone ap “Time Tree”. I don’t think I find baby insects very appealing, though baby cephalopods are cute.

    1. Agreed. I was walking through from Shenavall to Dundonnell one lovely autumn day in the mid-80s when I came across a couple of wild otters playing on the shores of Loch na Sealga (http://maps.google.com/?ll=57.7913,-5.289316&spn=0.005673,0.021136&t=h&z=16) No film in the camera, naturally – I’d used that yesterday – but a great hour watching using the camera as a telescope.
      A little while later, I realised that I’d lost my map, probably while watching the otters, and had to do a 8 mile-ish detour to keep the navigation solid (lots of cris-crossing paths in the interior). But a great day nonetheless.

  2. Reading the blog, it seems that this guy (Mr. Sato) has hit, or is on his way to, every zoo and aquarium in Japan that has otters (51 of them) plus the Singapore Zoo and Malaysian National Zoo. It’s the Chiba Zoological Park today, a dozen otters but no babies. The blog also has his photo book of otters for sale on Amazon Japan (can’t do the link because part is in Japanese). There’s no accounting for tastes – otters are OK, but I prefer cats.

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