Kitteh contest: Newton

March 7, 2012 • 6:40 am

Reader Jess sends a photo of his hapless moggie Newton:

This is Newton. He gets his name from Sir Isaac due to his clumsiness as a kitten (he would fall a lot trying to jump up onto things, making him very familiar  with gravity). He originally joined the family as a mouser and scored double digits in his first week, some of which he left as presents on my pillow. He has an open door policy: if a bedroom or closet door is not open, he will stand in front of it and meow and lay on his back sticking his arms through the crack under the door until it is opened. But. . . when you open the door he has no interest in going through—he just wants it open. He is also very skilled in the fine art of indifference but somehow knows when I am sick and will come lie next to me.

15 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Newton

    1. The contest ended a long time ago but I’m still accepting (and welcoming) readers’ cat pictures, which should be accompanied by a cute description/story of up to 250 words. You can find my email address by judicious Googling involving my name and the University of Chicago.

  1. That is an awesome kitteh. (Granted, all kittehs are awesome, but this one is especially so.)

  2. Nice looking cat! Congrats to you both.

    Merlyn came very close to being named Newton. He too enjoys experimenting with gravity, mostly by converting the potential energy of objects to kinetic energy. He will let us know the minute that gravity stops working, which is a big concern of his.

  3. Beautiful kitteh! One of my girls tests gravity by pushing items off bookshelves and the table. So far, gravity is winning, much to the detriment of the books.

  4. Aw, beautiful photo of Newton. He looks quite docile.

    Cats hate doors in general. It keeps them from territory patrole. Ours will bang at the French doors until they have been let in and out ten times or more.

  5. Newton is the spitting image of my first cat, Differ, who lived a full life of 14 years before his health dwindled and we had to put him down. That was four years ago now, but seeing his doppelganger here serves up a strong cocktail of emotions. I still miss my long-time feline companion, but I’m glad to be unexpectedly reminded of him today.

  6. My kitteh seems to know when I am sick as well, and will come and lie next to me, when she usually prefers to lie at the end of the bed. Is this common? And if so, does anyone have an explanation for cat’s abilty to sense when their staff is unwell?

  7. I am sure all the sick bed concern on the part of felines is to make sure we keep breathing. Who will open all those doors if the help dies?

  8. Kitties like the heat of our fevers. No need for a feeling of sympathy on their part.

    But I’ll believe in kitty sympathy anyway.

    1. I thought of that as well, but I wouldn’t have thought that our body temp changes that much when we have a fever, at least to a third party.

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