24 thoughts on “Mental health break

  1. That’s a much better set of commandments than the one in that other book. Much less thoughtcrime, moral guidance rather than moral absolutes, rules against evil rather than for the worship of a dictator… this can only have been derived from the divine.

    1. Baraminology! what the everloving…!
      I don’t know how many braincells I killed reading about that tripe. Creationists really try everything don’t they.

      1. If you want to see a mind divided, look at Todd Charles Wood’s blog. His baraminology work keeps turning up excellent evidence for evolution, and he all but admits this.

  2. I am told the Ceiling Cat Bible is actually surprisingly good, because it was something actual Biblical scholars worked on to let off steam. (Modulo cattified bits like the above.)

  3. What if that were a Quran (Koran)? Aren’t the pages getting just a little mussed and wrinkled by kitty paw? Wouldn’t that offend delicate Islamofascist sensibilities and make them go whaah?

      1. No, by “whaah” I mean the sound of complaint made by a religious fascist whose delicate sensibilities have allegedly been offended.

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