Moar mental health

February 26, 2012 • 9:58 am

I have gone into the lab to find that my Paphiopedilum orchid has bloomed.  I’m pretty sure this is not a hybrid, but a real, naturally-occurring species; sadly, I forgot the species name, but I’m sure Lou Jost or someone else will tell me, and perhaps give a bit of information about the flower:

Once a year I get this flower, which lasts for about ten days.  Lovely, ain’t it?

26 thoughts on “Moar mental health

  1. I have one that looks the same, foliage, blossom colour & all. The grower tag says it’s a Maudia (sp?) of some sort.

  2. That looks like Paph. sukhakulii, a wonderful species!! Here is a photo and some info about it:
    Orchids are a great cure for excess theology-reading.

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