Kitteh contest: Dirk, Arthur, and (now) Gordon

February 21, 2012 • 4:05 am

Reader Peter Landers first sent me a pair of black and white cats named, obviously well cared for and quite comfortable. They’re also named after Douglas Adams characters:

These are my roommates Dirk and Arthur, helping on laundry day. My previous cat died far too young and the apartment felt empty without kitties, so I went on the hunt and found these two brothers in need of a home. Arthur spent the first couple of weeks quite sad, it was wonderful to see how good Dirk was at snuggling in and making everything better. Even now, two years later, they’re as inseparable as ever. They’re the gentlest cats I’ve ever met, and my best roommates ever!

Writing to Peter to let him know his cats were on deck, I found that he’d adopted yet another black-and-whitie:

I might as well mention that as of two weeks ago I’ve added a third kitteh to the family. This little guy is a tailless cat (well, about a 1″ stubby tail–natural, not due to surgery or injury) who was found trapped in a storeroom above my mother’s workplace. He had apparently been up there for quite a while and he hadn’t eaten in that time; there was nothing to him. Mom got him out and fed him, but when I stopped by for a visit he pretty much adopted me at first sight. There was no response from any former owner to our announcements on the radio or in the paper, so I thought it would be best to hang onto him, having taken care of him while we waited. As of now, he’s named Gordon (got to keep with the Douglas Adams naming convention at this stage), he’s put on some weight, and he’s getting along very well indeed with Arthur and Dirk. The attached picture is from his first day out of the shop; he’s still looking a bit scruffy and skinny. But since then he’s gotten sleek and sturdy again. He still really needs his hugs whenever I come home, though. And he’s every bit as gentle as the others, who accepted him immediately.

11 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Dirk, Arthur, and (now) Gordon

  1. I am familiar with Dirk and Arthur. These two keep their human in virtual bondage. They also control the local crunchies and treats markets. Why….they even terrorize a second human’s domicile across the hall….she is equally abused.
    Criminals….both of them! Now young Gordon falls into their trap of conversion to feline delinquency.
    The only good thing that can truely be said about this triad of evil is that they are all atheists.

    1. Curses. Darrell has revealed the sinister truth of my fate for all the world to see. Now I dread going home.

  2. It makes me think of the rhyme: Three Little Kittens–

    They are adorable. I have 3 elderly cats and look forward to having a youngster again. Thanks for sharing yours!

  3. I am the ‘grand-mother’ of these kittehs. They are indeed a paw-full. I AM the ‘second human’ as afore mentioned by Darrell! These small-purring ‘terrorists’ have indeed invaded our apartments–and I don’t know how much more I can take–All I can say is that thankfully their opposing thumbs did not evolve yet–or they’d be in snacking on my plants while I’m at work. Just yesterday I came home to my Valentine Rose and vase lying on it’s side on my dining room table…and little bits of leaves strewn all over the place..and a puddle removing varnish off my oak table-top! It has begun…Don’t let those eyes of innocence and virtue fool you.

  4. (hope this posts, been having trouble all day, maybe now that I’ve logged in to WordPress)

    I’m very proud of my gaggle of cats. Arthur and Dirk handled the newcomer really well, considering they haven’t met another cat since leaving the litter. Dirk took on the same parental role he had with Arthur earlier, really going out of his way to make Gordon feel welcome and not getting put off by any growling or hissing. He just kept on bringing toys over and trying to interest Gordon. It was quite fascinating to watch.

    1. …he’s every bit as gentle as the others, who accepted him immediately.

      How on earth did you chance upon so much harmony? I’ve recently acquired two strays whose interactions frequently result in bloodshed. I don’t suppose you’d have any interest in adding an irascible torti female to your clan, would you?

      Srsly, what a wonderful story. Congrats, and thanks for sharing!

      1. Well, the first two were siblings that had become very close after I first met them at 5 weeks, so when it came time to adopt I didn’t want to separate them. I had planned on just taking Arthur (the mostly white one) but I’m glad I took both. Those two have never been any more aggressive than the occasional bit of wrestling, and they both learned early on not to use their claws or teeth.

        I wasn’t sure how they’d respond to the new guy, but was quite pleasantly surprised to see that their reaction was basically to try to make friends right away. Dirk was surprisingly empathetic, knowing exactly how much he could push Gordon in trying to do stuff with him before moving on; Arthur just wanted to hang out and would look genuinely shocked that his approaches were being rebuffed. But after a week, they both just went back to their usual routine–albeit playing a lot more than usual, and right in front of Gordon. Finally, Gordon realized they weren’t out to eat him, and started to join in. Now they all like to play together, though Gordon still hisses on occasion when he gets surprised. No violence, thank goodness.

        But I think three is definitely my limit. Too many litter boxes already!

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