February 20, 2012 • 1:54 pm

According to Architizer Blog, a Seattle firm called Modernist Cat has designed a series of multi-purpose cat dens for stylish ailurophiles.

The description from the Modernist Cat website:

Modernist Cat is a pet furniture design studio based in Seattle, Washington. Our work brings the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic into the realm of litter box covers and dual-purpose pet furniture.

All of our pieces can function as a litter box cover, beautiful hideaway, play area, or den. Handcrafted from EuroPly with a hardwood veneer, each item is made to order and built to last.

Modernist Cat is committed to using eco-friendly materials in order to build products that minimize our environmental impact. For example, our plywood is FSC certified and made with formaldehyde free glue. It is finished using a UV curing process that eliminates all volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). We ship using recycled packing materials whenever possible.

Modernist Cat is the hard work of Seattle artist Crystal Gregory with modest help from her husband, their two Canadian Hairless cats, Jackson & Elliott, and their two Italian Greyhounds, Lusi & Linus.

Here’s one; be prepared to fork out $500-$900 to have your cat living in the “less is moar” style:

Cat doesn’t look too happy; would prefer San Francisco Victorian.

h/t: John Danley

21 thoughts on “Meowhaus

  1. They had me perplexed with “Canadian Hairless”, aka Sphinx, since I had to look it up.

    Don’t picture our cats being happy with that, either, but that’s probably because they prefer something more mission or prarie style.

    1. I don’t think Baihu would care much for these, either. His furniture preferences tend towards: a) shoulders (mine); II) soft fabric piled high; or 3) anything with a view. This would seem to fail on all three counts.


        1. Gee, thanks a lot…just when I had managed to clean the last of those things out of the linen closet, too.

          I mean, now where’m I supposed to stash the bandersnatchen? It’s not like I’ve got unlimited storage space, you know.


          1. Those things are about the size of a quark. It’s the magnets that take up all the space. Just how small is your place? I imagine it to be quite like the Tardis.

            1. My point exactly.

              I mean, sure. Arman Shimmerman isn’t exactly the type to play for the NBA, but he still takes up a lot of room — and Internets aren’t much smaller. And they’re a lot noiser, messier, and more demanding….


    2. Re: hairless cats

      Does it seem cruel to anyone else to deliberately breed hairless cats (or, more accurately, fur-less cats)?

      Cats are meant to have fur. It protects their skin, keeps them warm, and they have strong instincts for constant grooming. Seems to me that making cats who have no fur isn’t very nice. And if it is an allergy thing for the owners, then perhaps they shouldn’t have cats rather than support the breeding of hairless breeds?

      I’m not sure what to think…any thoughts?

  2. “Our work brings the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic into the realm of litter box covers and dual-purpose pet furniture.”

    No, an ugly box with a round hole in it isn’t “modernist”–it is just ugly. The plywood edges showing at all the joins doesn’t say “modernist” to me. It says “lazy” and “poor design”. Seems more like they have no actual design skills and have attempted to pass of their lame minimalist constructions as “modernist” to raise the price.

  3. Oh, for cryin’ out loud! What’s wrong with a cardboard box, a paper grocery sack, and a bedsheet to tunnel under? Besides, it’s a well-known fact (no cite needed) that cats disdain made-especially-for-them items, prefering to design their own or take over what’s available.

  4. Funny, my limited carpentry skills and I are building one of these. Today is day 2 of optimistically 3. Mine has two divided sections (2 users) , is larger, and a fan and carbon/HEPA filter setup to deal with the smell. I’ve seen a bench like this before for $2k, now down to $450. Seems like tons of apartment dwellers would want these (w/ smell control) if reasonably priced.

    As a play place I agree with the others: paper bags and corrugated boxes will always win.

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