13 thoughts on “Caturday felid: 40 cats as hats

  1. Cats really are awesome creatures and, as a kid, I have used them as both scarves (they ceased to co-operate when they grew up) and pillows but I’m not sure they are quite suited for hats. It’s generally a bad idea to let something quite so full of pointed bits near to your face, especially when those bits will be used if there is a risk of falling.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Baihu spends a lot of time draped across my shoulders — he’s there right now as I type.

      But my shoulders are quite scratched up, and have always been so for the past few years. That’s fine for my shoulders, but not such a good idea for my face and scalp.


  2. I get the impression that these cats are saying, “Try and turn me into a perpetual motion machine and you lose your scalp”.

  3. That kitten is getting in close to examine that unibrow in the last photo. I’m sure the kitten told him to do something about that.

    1. I was just gonna give props to that guy for representin’ the unibrow. I am a mighty unibrow guy, though oddly I have only a scant beard and not much chest hair. But I got a more awesome monobrow than this guy.

      My kitteh likes to get on my shoulders and “dry” my hair after a shower. This can be very painful as she likes to put her claws into my scalp to position my head for her treatment. She also sometimes decides the wet hair is a mat and starts to chew it out.

      I usually just distract her with the game where she has to scent mark my hands and arms which have been wash cleaned of her scent.

    1. That is freakin’ unbelievable! The cat must love it up there. He’s not just sitting there, he just won’t fall off.

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