Kitteh contest: Moe

December 31, 2011 • 1:50 pm

Although the Kitteh Contest for my book is long over, I’ve saved every cat entered, and still intend to post them from time to time. This one belongs to reader Peggy Malloy:

Moe showed up in my backyard 4 years ago when he was about 9 months old.  He was scraggly and scrawny like the typical stray cat.  He adored my cat Jimmy, but seemed terrified of me.  I fed him, of course, and after a couple of months I was able to catch him so he could be neutered. For about a year after that he was just an annoying outdoor cat who would get in fights and get soaking wet and would sit on my porch or in the backyard looking totally pathetic, but he would not come in the house.  He vocalizes a lot and whenever I was outside he would follow me around, yakking nonstop, but if I tried to pet him he would scratch me (so I stopped trying). After about a year he started tentatively to enter the garage.  Later he came in the house as long as I didn’t try to interact with him, but we became good friends from that point on.  Over the past few years he has mellowed considerably and now, although still a little bit grouchy at times (and no longer a fan of Jimmy), is a total sweetie-pie as you can see from this photo.

12 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Moe

  1. Thank you.

    You haven’t done a kitteh contest post in awhile, and I was beginning to think you’d given up doing them.

    I enjoy these immensely. I Always like seeing the cats and hearing their stories. L

  2. Nice beast you’ve got there. Moe looks inscrutable. Persistence paid off.
    And a happy new year to everyone!

  3. Awwwwww, widdle pink nose!

    Great story, Peggy. Glad everything worked out so well for you and Moe. You are a paragon of persistence!

  4. Congrats to Peggy & Moe (& Jimmy)!

    I, too, miss your regular Tuesday posts on this subject. As long as it’s not gone forever…

  5. Please, please, please resume the regular posts! Stuff like this is what keeps me sane when the day (or the week) is going badly.

    1. Not to worry! I just had other things to post about but never intended to leave the felids behind. And there’s a large queue of kittehs to look forward to. I’ll try to post every Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime, other readers can feel free to send me a photo or two and a paragraph about their awesome cat.

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