Caturday felid: A kitteh for the New Age (plus Rosenhouse bonus)

December 24, 2011 • 3:50 am

What better help for staying in shape?


Over at EvolutionBlog, Jason takes a break from math, chess, and atheism to describe a somewhat harrowing trip to the vet’s in “Emily’s big day.”  Emily is, of course, his cat.

At the vet:

At home afterwards:

It is my contention, which I’ll assert without proof, that most of the well known atheist bloggers have cats rather than dogs. Hell, even P. Z. has a cat, even though he puts up anti-cat posts every week just to tick me off.  And if they don’t have cats, they prefer cats.  There are, of course, exceptions.

If you’re into Sudoku, Jason has a new book on the math behind it.

h/t: John

31 thoughts on “Caturday felid: A kitteh for the New Age (plus Rosenhouse bonus)

    1. Agree – we watch Carla (a bolshie Burmese) and she invites us to mindfully s-t-r-e-t-c-h. So notch up another happy atheist who is bossed by a cat.

  1. I watched this video this morning with Silky, who was sitting in my lap at the time.

    She LOVED it!! She was raptly attentive, and talked to the kitteh a lot during the whole thing. L

  2. Ooh, you keep pushing your luck with the dog/cat debate! I’m a half-way to crazy town accomodationist on this issue

    1. I kind of agree with you, there.

      I keep wondering where Jerry would put all those people who like both dogs AND cats.

      I had sheep many years ago, and raised Border Collies for several years. You can’t herd sheep with a cat.

      I haven’t had a dog for over a decade, mainly because I don’t have time to start a puppy, and if I got another dog it would be another Border Collie, as many other breeds can’t be trusted around livestock. I love my kittehs, all seven of them, but cats and dogs really are two different creatures, IMO to be appreciated for who and what they are. L

  3. Annoyingly, my cat Evil does that, too. Of course, at my house, I practice the form of yoga called “planking”, but that’s almost exactly the same thing.

  4. Prof Coyne, you might have informed this before, but I may have come later. I wonder if there was a specific reason that PZ Myers has kept doing his anti-cat post. I am baffled by his openly hostility toward cats or “challenge” to you. Was there any person issue between you two?

      1. Pssst! Yi! It’s just a big ongoing joke between P-zed and Prof Coyne, to entertain the troops. It amuses the masses to watch a couple of evolutionary biologists spar over a trivial issue, so how better to pump up one’s blog traffic than a fake dispute every Caturday?

        P-zed actually has no animosity whatsoever toward kittehs. In fact, I suspect he likes them very much, but it’s too much fun pretending that cephalopods are a superior form of life.

        But don’t tell any of this to anyone: it’s a secret!

  5. Regarding the math behind Sudoku, there’s a BOINC distributed computing project out of Taiwan Sudoku@vtaiwan that is grinding away in an attempt to find a 16-clue solution puzzle grid. The project has run through about 25% of the total search space of 5.5 billion different possible puzzle grids so far.

    While not the most useful of the BOINC projects in my opinion, it might be of interest to some of your readers.

    Oh, and though I may not be a well known atheist blogger, I do have a cat. 🙂

  6. Aha! Just as I thought! Cats rule!
    (Of course, everytime I find myself petting a dog, I have to tell him not to tell anyone. After all, it would destroy my image. I love all animals.) Kittehs forebahs!

  7. I like dogs but I don’t want to have to look after one, walks etc. also I don’t have a fenced yard. Heidi would never forgive me either (Heidi is a Rag-doll).

  8. No doubt this cat went around bragging to all (her?) friends, saying ‘I did yoga’s sooo good for you.’

  9. Dogs require more time and work than cats do, most prominent atheists are busy people, makes sense. c:

    I will say I would take an angry dog over an angry cat any day(speaking from experience working at a vets). You can muzzle and sit on an angry dog. Cats move around in their own skin and are pointy from ALL ends D:

    1. How true! One of my cats is a Maine coon born stray/feral and with distinctively Asberger-like behaviors. He’s three, now, full grown, and too large, strong, quick, and limber to “manicure.” Even when he wants affection, I have to be very careful. He’s worth it, though. After all, he’s cat.

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