Everybody Tebow!

December 13, 2011 • 12:33 pm

It was inevitable: someone’s created a website showing people “Tebowing” (i.e., dropping to one knee and putting your head on your hand in prayer).  There is Tebowing in the snow, in front of the Taj Mahal, and even at the feet of Santa Claus.

But reader Douglas E. has contributed a Tebow just for this site.  It’s his son-in-law, Jonathan M, Tebowing in front of the DMZ at the border between North and South Korea. I’m told that Jonathan was worried about getting shot.

I found a picture of another form of Tebowing created by reader Sigmund at his site Sneer Review: it shows what Tebow would look like if God really did care about football. 

If you want to Tebow in some interesting place, send your picture to me and we’ll see whose is best.  There may be a prize.

41 thoughts on “Everybody Tebow!

  1. This makes Christianity look even more like superstition. It reminds me of the weird “good luck” rituals fliers used to follow before bombing Germany.

    1. I’ve been in that spot, and the fear of possibly being shot is real. The tension in the air is palpable. Those soldiers are ready to be in WWIII at a moment’s notice.

      A migraine is not out of the question.

      1. I’m hoping to be in Pyongyang some time next year, if the bloody politicians would only get out of the way of commerce.

  2. Why are we Tebowing? Ridicule? He’s doing that pretty well by himself.

    Hopefully, he’s sack-rificed several times Sunday.

  3. Instead, how about pix of face-palming? Like face-palming in front of Ham’s museum, for starts (perhaps an eventual Guinness record to be had with that?)

    1. According to mom, medical professionals tried to force her to have an abortion for health reasons while she was pregnant with Timmy. She decided against it and god has graced her with a Heisman Trophy winning son. That’s how it always works, don’t you know? Everyone who chooses life is rewarded by a benevolent all-loving god. They’re never stuck in the projects where their kids end up in prison. Well, almost never…god does have to take time off to watch sports, so a few slip by him.

    2. ‘I wanted to abort little fetus Timmy, but God had other ideas, like winning some football games that someone was bound to win anyway. It was the same with little fetus Adolph — there were 50 million too many people back then anyway.’

  4. It was inevitable: someone’s created a website showing people “Tebowing” (i.e., dropping to one knee and putting your head on your hand in prayer).

    People stop at nothing to show how strong their faith is. Too bad this is only to compensate for how weak the actual truth of their “beliefs” are.

  5. If you want to Tebow in some interesting place, send your picture to me and we’ll see whose is best. There may be a prize.

    I think you’re asking for it here…. I think you should have a list of ones that should be disqualified for any prize, i.e., ones that are just too obvious.

    1) Tebowing in front of a copy of WEIT
    2) ” ” ” of “Origin of Species”
    3) ” ” ” of a picture of Darwin

    Now, a good one would be the “Four Horsemen” Tebowing together, but with some snark thrown in. Can we get Hitch, Harris, Dennett and Dawkins together for that? Plz?

  6. If it’s about football, I must comment. All this will pass … and that is a pun. Because Tebow can’t. Pass, I mean.
    Every so often, the media go mad over a quarterback who gallops around a lot. Wowee. They went crazy over Michael Vick and, earlier, over John Elway (who now owns the Broncos).
    Problem with a galloping galoot:as soon as the other team watches enough game film, they begin to assign a spy to the galloper and they begin to whack him. And the galloper gets hurt.
    Besides, it is not considered team spirited for a quarterback to become the whole offense. His RBs get crotchety, his receivers stroll around looking bored. And if I were a tight end playing with such a quarterback, I’d sort of stop blocking for him.
    At some point soon, Tebow will be hurt. That’ll end this national prayer meeting.

    1. Patrick Bowlen owns the Broncos, Elway is Executive VP in charge of football operations. Although it has been rumored that Elway may buy a portion of the ownership from Bowlen, since he just sold his car dealership for $80 mil.

  7. The Bears got Tebowed! Poor Urlacher. Hehehehe.

    I don’t care if you’re religious or not, Tebow and Co are fun to watch… At least in the last 5 minutes.

    1. Tebow may have been fun to watch in college, he has no place in the NFL. So far he’s been lucky that the Denver defense is good enough to keep the game close against some mediocre teams. Look what happened when he played the Lions. If Elway doesn’t get a real QB on that team by next season, they will be dead last (you heard it here first).

      1. Tebow may channel in heaven, but Von Miller and the D do the devil’s work.

        Our D is doing great, our special teams are doing great, and our offense does well once they wake up.

        This Sunday will be interesting.

        We’ll let Elway worry about long term, but right now we roll with Tebow.

  8. Okay… I am going to have to take a break from this site for awhile if there are going to be daily Tebow posts here. I live in Denver, and I have to hear about this assclown multiple times on a daily basis.

    1. George Atkinson? Too bad you’re not still playing for the Raiders. You could take care of Tebow like you did Lynn Swann (not that I promote unnecessary roughness in any sport, though this may be necessary if he keeps it up).

      1. Haven’t heard of that George Atkinson since Oakland played in the LA Superbowl – that weekend several reporters called my hotel room to request an interview, and all seemed puzzled when I explained that I was only in Los Angeles to play in a chess tournament.

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