14 thoughts on “Cold-weather footwear

  1. Nice! Yet you would expect them to prefer swamps to snow… if you let them lead you, you would end up in Florida.

  2. Memo to self : put sleeping bag, shovel, torch and pair of crampons in boot of car. Already changed the tyres for winter ones.

  3. I’m curious… How large is the wardrobe where you keep your prized collection? I have three pair of shoes, of which only one pair is suitable for winter use, and they manage to occupy my hallway completely. But then again, I am horribly disorganised.

  4. Darn, and all I have are ice fishing boots from North Dakota… They sure are warm, though. 🙂
    P.S. My birthday is Dec. 21. Anyone is welcome to send me boots for a present. 😀
    Happy upcoming birthday, Jerry!

    1. Question: Does your footwear collection approach Imelda Marcos’?

      I have a horrible mental image of Jerry’s footwear collection out “on the pull”, cruising the chubby-Filipino-matron pick-up bars of (whichever city), “Desperately Seeking Imelda”.
      I blame that Inspector Clouseau film earlier today. It’s done things to my mind.

  5. Somewhere, there’s a hornback alligator missing its mother. You better make sure you can run fast in them, in case it recognises her.

  6. Sweet!

    But are cowboy boots all that great in snow & ice? Should they be exposed to de-icing salt? Inquiring minds…

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