15 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. We had rain for the afternoon’s trick-or-treating which is just as well, because I am recovering from a bout of bronchitis and didn’t feel up to dealing with it.

    I am, however, borrowing a page from my neopagan friends and devoting a part of tomorrow to remembrance of my late wife, the cats I no longer have and family members who are gone.

    Then, in the spirit of modern Haloween’s glorification of gore and cheap scares, I will also devote some thought to family members I wish were dead.

  2. I was surprised when I say that cartoon, but on examining the signature, noted that it was by Gary McCoy, not his brother Glenn (the two have very similar styles). Glenn is a knuckle-dragging RWNJ who probably thinks that trickkkk-or-treat is a tool for recruiting children to socialism, or at the very least, training them to ask for handouts. Either way, Glenn McCoy would never say anything bad about Republicans.

  3. We usually get a few treaters Halloween evening. The trick is to lay in some candy that you wouldn’t mind eating yourself in case you can’t give it all away.

    Like Snickers.

    Our neighbourhood community club had a Halloween party Saturday night, but I think a lot more booze got consumed than candy.

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