10 thoughts on “The HUP Gould mosaic

  1. I subscribed to Natural History magazine for years and read all the early essays. Then I bought the paperbacks and read them again. Then Gould got into nasty and long lasting feud with E. O. Wilson’s sociobiology and anyone who espoused any version thereof. After that Gould’s essays lapsed into screed and repetition. I’ll be investing my time and money in other endeavors.

    1. Well, as they say, opinions are like…something. Everybody’s got one. Personally, I liked Gould from beginning to end.

  2. What kind of person stores their books like that? I prefer shelves. Yes, that’s a nice gimmicky selling point. But some book collections have an image that builds up on the books bound side, so that on a bookshelf, it’s all cute and stuff.

    Maybe these have that, too.

  3. Cool.Had I been the designer with something similar in mind (spare the world of this), I’d have been more than tempted to consider both a geology and a biological mosaic based on Darwin, a splendid geologist and biologist and Gould who was mostly (?)a paleontolgist/biologist.

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