Cat scan contest

August 22, 2011 • 2:49 pm

Just a reminder: you have exactly 9 days—until August 31—to submit your cat scan for consideration.  There are only two entries to date, and if numbers stay small, your chance of winning is larger; but remember that I need at least ten entries before the winner gets an autographed hardback of WEIT.  Fewer than that will garner the winner a paperback.

Crank up the scanner, grab your felid, and see what you can produce.

9 thoughts on “Cat scan contest

  1. The secret: noms on the scanner. Of course, copious amounts of blood might work–as long as it is artfully splattered around kitteh!!

  2. Haven’t forgotten. Still working on Merlyn. Had to get some fill lighting since he’s dark. It’s his 1st birthday today, too.

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