16 thoughts on “St Petersburg: the dance

  1. Nice composition, beautiful silhouette, atmosphere, inspired title – great.

    The only thing it could stand is a level adjustment to bring up the brightness on the beach. The -2 exposure compensation must have hung around from the prior shots 🙂

  2. My first impression is that of a troop of belletristic budding ballerinas. No doubt there was a similar tranquil scene to be found on the other side of the Gulf.

  3. Lovely photo. When I first saw it my mind immediately conjured up A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. Also, the young girl in the foreground looks like she could have been a ballerina model for Edgar Degas.

  4. A wonderful composition! The girl’s holding a camera and that’s the lens cover on the string? Was she examining shots she’d taken of the girl on the rock? Did you just happen upon them?

  5. I think the man himself would’ve done it in colour. The man himself said that the reason he didn’t shoot in colour was because the film at the time couldn’t capture the range of shades and tones that the eye can see. These days with digital you can replicate it pretty accurately.

    Besides it works better in colour 🙂 great shot!

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