10 thoughts on “Playcat

  1. Here is another form of sexism. I absorbed the points she was making, but I may have missed a couple due to repeated thoughts of “Oh my goodness, she is so adorable!” Sorry. But at least I admit it. Being adorable, she may have a slight disadvantage in communicating due to the attendant distractions. Something to think about.

      1. Maru is also adorable… but what’s his connection to the video at the other end of that link?

          1. This is know in the trade as a “mistake.” The correct link, to Maru’s site, has now been posted.

            1. Thanks for fixing that.

              A whole website about Maru! The internet has at last achieved greatness.

              1. That site has existed for several years (Maru is 3 now), and his owner posts nearly every day. And I, of course, look every day, for Maru is the most awesome cat on the interwebz!

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