It’s June: time for that cooling haircut

June 1, 2011 • 8:10 am

I’ve been feeling like this all week:

A while back I posted many pictures of shaved cats, but none as scary as this. Now some of you are going to ask why anyone would do this to a kitteh.  There are several reasons, the most plausible being to keep a longhaired animal cool in the summer.  One of these “lion cats” lived behind me when I was in Maryland.  Alternatively, the cat’s fur could have been irreparably tangled.

37 thoughts on “It’s June: time for that cooling haircut


    Warn a guy when that’s the first thing he’s gonna see when a web page loads! Ugh, my heartbeat’s still getting back to normal….

      1. Seriously!

        I don’t know whether to be upset for the years I just lost or grateful for the biggest laugh of the day!

        I think I’ll just call it a wash.

  2. I could understand short cut or if the cat had some fur problem, but that is unfur on the puddy-tat. It looks more like the vanity of the owner. Poor puss!

  3. I’ll wager the cat – er, I mean kitteh – would rather be a little warm than look like that.

    And putting sunscreen on him every time he goes out has got to get old.

  4. Took me back to Anatomy lab (1957). Whoosh!

    There we dissected a cat. I was always struck by how skinny they were.

    Here we can see the “real skinny.”

      1. I am not supposed to say this at this kitteh site, but I will.

        Perhaps we should have been told to get our own cats. It would have been a public service since cats are THE major threat to songbirds, and the cat population is bloated.

        However, lab supply companies provided the cats to our school.

  5. The human who attempted that on our Zeno would require a trip to the ER. (He’s big and he’s strong. I have to wrap him in a towel just to clip his claws.)

    1. Usually doing something like that will require the cat to be doped up a little first. My families cat Coco had a lot of problems cleaning her fur, and she got a lot of mats, and hated being brushed, so it was often the only way to deal with it.

      1. Fortunately, Zeno enjoys being brushed — to him, it’s just another form of petting. The one time we had to hold him down a work out/clip a couple of stubborn mats was NOT much fun (his fur is medium-long and very fine).

  6. Heh, that looks familiar. I just cut my foot long hair down to an inch. Summer in Chicago is no fun!

  7. I have a fluffy kitteh who is having a lot of hairball issues right now as the winter coat sheds. I have to work hard to keep up with brushing him. I’ve considered this as a possible alternative, but I think this photo just turned me off of that… 😛

  8. That is just not right. The person who did that better hope that cat doesn’t find them after the drugs wear off.

  9. Bil the Cat was what I was thinking, too.

    I would never do this. Kitteh will be exacting revenge daily for six months until the fur grows back.

  10. OMG… it’s Butter’s (our white Himmy’s) evil twin.

    Butter’s “lion cut” is growing in a bit… but the hair is still short in preparation for the season’s triple-digit temperatures. (100 predicted in Rocky Ford Colo today).

    I’ll send a pic soon, once I get my head above water…

  11. I’d love to do that to my cat, he’s been asking for it for some time now. Last night he wanted out, so he pushed a 4 lb marble bookend onto my head while I was sleeping. Now it’s hailing and he’s all curled up on the bed purring…probably dreaming of new ways to create pain in someone.

  12. p.s., what is the risk of sunburn for an outdoor cat that is shaved like that? I suppose they might know enough to stay in the shade…

  13. I recently saw a couple of hairless (actually, very thin coats) cats who were noticably sunburned from being outside. However they were also very light in colour (pink skinned); a darker cat like this one would be better protected (just as in humans).

  14. I’m so glad I have shorthair kittehs! Of course, even long-haired ones would be happy with my current weather: high 50s and scattered showers. (Rain, in lowland northern California, in June! Maybe the world really IS coming to an end…)

  15. Damn it to heaven we’re too late.

    Looks like the door to door christian sales team just left.

  16. How about a LOL caption:

    “Teh Hangover Part Tree: whut happenz at teh vet, stayz at teh vet!”

    Any other ideas?

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