Lioness steals camera; makes her own film

May 23, 2011 • 6:21 pm

This fascinating video was sent by alert reader Janice C., whose husband works for the company that made the camera in question.  You’ll be some of the first people to see it.  The YouTube caption:

While shooting pictures for our new book on lions at Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve, we found some lions patrolling the fence line. We placed our GoPro action camera in their path hoping to catch a glimpse of them as they came past. Little did we know that one lioness would take a liking to the camera and cart it off into the bush!

21 thoughts on “Lioness steals camera; makes her own film

  1. HP– good point!

    “Look, Lana! One of those hoomans put a camera in our powder room.”

    “They are *such* perverts, aren’t they! Here, I’ll get it. Let’s put it…yeah. Waaaay over here. Where nobody ever goes. How long do you think it’ll take them to find it?”

    “Ten bucks says at least a week…”


  2. Wow.

    Baihu’s current favorite toy is a wand with a braided wire “string” and a small gray “mouse” on the end. Every so often, he’ll grab the “mouse” firmly in his jaws and trot off to another room. (I’ll drop the wand at that point rather than play tug-o-war with him.)

    If the “mouse” had eyes, that’s exactly what it would see. (Minus the grass.)

    HP, you nailed it.



  3. The last thing many an impala sees, caught on film. I used to do fieldwork around Tswalu – beautiful part of the world

    1. …and no doubt many of our ancestors – that would have been to last thing they saw as they were eaten…

  4. That’s great. Here’s one of an octopus doing the same thing, except it ripped the camera out of the human’s hand and took off with it:

    1. That was most interesting and a hoot as well. Kudos to the diver for such an inquiring response to what must have seemed a bit scary at first.

  5. There should be a one-liner caption contest (essentially started by yokohamama upthread). My suggestions:

    SWEET! A DVR– for free! Wasteful humans.

    Where the fu@k is the review button– can’t they write these manuals in proper Afrikaans?

    Does this camera-shot make my ass look big?

  6. What a good camera! And how considerate of the lioness to keep the lens uncovered rather than, say, facing the back of her throat and then dropped upside down…

    What fun!

  7. I love the view of the sky the lioness gives while she walks with the camera in her mouth. I kept hoping she’d pick it up again and keep going.

  8. They posted a follow up on how they got the camera back.

    You might ask! We followed her into the bush and, being very careful of the other 2 lionesses present, got as close to her as we could to see where she dropped it. The grass was pretty thick so it took quite a bit of searching before I spotted it. Pat and Sarah kept an eye on the lions as I was searching got the camera.

    afimage 43 minutes ago

  9. With cats being snakes with fur and octos being snakes stuck to a blob of jello, we now need the missing link: a pure snake doing a video. Monitor lizards come close (snake rescue man Tony Harrison (sssnakeman069 on youtube) had a video made by one, but his account is disabled).

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