Caturday felids: Creationist LOLcat contest!

April 23, 2011 • 5:08 am

Over at Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop, religious studies professor James Linville of the University of Lethbridge (a philosophical confrère) has collected entries for a Creationist LOLcat contest.  Some are hilarious, and the winners get either a Plushosaurus doll or a set of T-Rex shot glasses.  Although the contest is closed, winners will be decided by readers’ votes (from one star to five), so head over and put up your rankings.

Here are a couple of entries:

11 thoughts on “Caturday felids: Creationist LOLcat contest!

  1. Correction: Jim Linville is a professor of religious studies rather than a professor of theology. Like being a professor of the history of science rather than a professor of alchemy.

  2. I am really amused by “If dere be no Ceiling Cat, explane how dis box fits me so perfektly.”

    And “Wot use is half a cheeze?”

  3. The Reprehensibles should forget about teh Donald and have Ceiling Cat as their candidate. They both have the same chanz of winning.

  4. I think the one taking a poke at Orly’s “Tides” spiel is a winner.

    “Tidez brings watermelons.”

    “You can’t explain that”

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