RIP Huxley

April 5, 2011 • 4:31 am

I have unhappy news to report this morning.  If you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember the recent Kitteh Contest entries Millie and Huxley, owned by reader Gayle Ferguson.  They were beautiful tabbies, and I’m saddened to report that Huxley was killed yesterday in his garden by a dog.  According to Gayle, “Millie witnessed the attack.  She was distressed and growling, and I think she is missing her playmate.”  Gayle, who is of course devastated, has written a brief eulogy for Huxley, and I’m sure you’ll join me in expressing condolences.

“RIP Huxley, sweet and gentle little soul, very much missed by his sister kitteh Millie and his mummy Gayle.  I’ll miss his sloppy cat kisses, his love of cuddles, and his almost inaudible purring; his 5.30am breakfast demands, not so much.  In his last days he’d taken to sleeping in the fruit bowl on the kitchen bench – a tight squeeze for the fuller cat!  I’ll always remember my Heffalump sunning himself in the garden in the most unusual spots, in one of which I will plant a memorial shrub”.


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  1. So sorry to hear that. Knowing just how you must feel, I hope there is someone around to give you a good long hug whenever you need it.

  2. I’m sorry for your loss, Gayle. A sad end to what seems to have been a fine feline friend. I hope fond memories soon crowd out unhappy thoughts.

  3. Another reason I’m not a member of the dog obsessed culture in this country…Barking, Yapping, Sniffing, Stinking…etc, etc.

    Viva le Chat!

  4. I’m so sorry, Gail. Makes me see red.

    By coincidence, I was remarking yesterday to my S.O. about saving our Himmy’s (Butter’s) life last summer, when he was being menaced by some off-pit-bull, possibly feral mutt. We’ve seen a marked rise in free-range mongrels lately, and rabies is sure to follow. If it was up to me, I’d also sterilize the (ir)responsible hominids.

  5. So sorry, Gayle. I’ve known some responsible people who could control their dogs, but so many of them have no clue.

  6. I am very sorry to hear about Huxley, Gayle. One of our cats was killed by a dog last year. Its such a terrible and shocking thing to happen. I offer my solidarity against stray dogs and my deepest sympathies about Huxley.

    1. I went back and looked at the original Millie & Huxley post. I especially loved the grooming video. Now I’m twice as sad.

  7. Gayle, I too am very, very sorry. I also lost a cat to a dog attack, and it was a horrible and shocking experience. I understand your pain. {hug}

  8. Aw, crum! So very sorry, Gayle. Rereading your original write-up makes it clear how your blended family has been torn apart. Hug Millie for me.

  9. Horrible incident with Huxley, nightmare actually. Poor family.
    Sending strong wishes & thoughts of peace.

  10. Ah, no! So sad … too soon.

    Gayle, my condolences to you and Millie. You were so fortunate to have had such a lovely cat, and Huxley was surely lucky to have had such a wonderful family.

  11. That’s appalling, it’s bad enough when the die of natural causes at a ripe old age but this is horrible. Poor Huxley, Gayle and Millie, I hope you feel better soon. (A new kitten would help.)

  12. *weeps*

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost a lovely tabby to a wandering pit bull a few years back.

    Huxley was gorgeous! Hugs to Millie and Gayle.

  13. Sorry for your loss, Gayle. I can’t imagine what I’d do if something like that happened to my two “kids.” Dogs are vermin…

  14. Allow me to add my sympathy as well, Gayle & Millie and anyone else Huxley touched. My mother lost her favorite cat in the same manner about 15 years ago; even though they may get replaced with new pets, the pangs don’t ever quite go away. But the pangs are a reminder there was something good and pure to cherish in the first place. Ben is, as per usual, quite correct.

  15. Jerry’s posting everybody’s kitties makes me feel like I actually know every single one– Gayle, I’m so, so sorry. Feel as bad as if it were my own kitty. Too much bad stuff all at once–this has hit a raw nerve. Big hugs to you and Millie.

  16. Thanks to everyone for your comments. The dog belong to a neighbour I share a fence with. The fence is rotten and covered with vines and the dog pulls at these until fits of fence break off and it can then jump about 1.5 metres to get over. The neighbours won’t accept responsibility for this – they won’t believe that their dog did it, even though this same dog killed pet rabbits down the road. ‘Dog control’ have confiscated the dogs on several occasions but can do nothing in this instance because there were no witnesses who saw the dog in my garden or attack Huxley. I am setting up a surveillance camera in my garden and am harrassing ‘dog control’ every day regarding rebuilding of the fence.

    1. That’s terrible. If they can’t accept responsibility for the dog, they shouldn’t have a dog (or kids for that matter).

      I found out that certain aggressive breeds of dogs are actually illegal in my county. Seeing as they were all bred to be freakishly that way, I think it’d be a good policy to stop breeding and let them fade out. There are thousands and thousands of well-demeanored dogs who wouldn’t kill a cat 🙁

    2. I’m so sorry for your loss, Gayle, and for Millie’s. What a horrible thing to have happen.

      I hope there’s something that you can do about this dog. I can’t believe that s/he has killed numerous pets in the neighbourhood with no long-term conseqences for the owners. I’ve two pet rabbits and I’m pretty sure I’d be in something dangerously close to a murderous rage if anything like this happened to either one.

    3. Deepest condolences for your loss Gayle. Hux was a real beauty and sounds like a wonderful friend. Cherish the memories and give Millie an extra big hug from all of us. –UE

  17. Gayle,
    My husband has put up homemade cat fencing for our kitties in both our front and back yards. It works on wood, brick block and even wrought iron fencing. If you would like photos and descriptions of how to make it, please let me know. It works 100%, even for our houdini cat.

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