Kitteh contest: Lola

April 5, 2011 • 4:02 am

Reader Callan Bentley entered lovely Lola.  The original photo was the “cat with backpack” shown below, but he’s since submitted a few others.

Lola is a small, gray cat that I adopted from the SPCA. She is a charmer not only because she loves to hang out with people, but also for her endearing habit of crawling into small spaces and then hanging out there, looking contented. Whether it’s a bag, a box, an open drawer, or a trash can, she loves to get inside and look out.

My favorite example of this habit came when I was getting ready for a backpacking trip to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, and Lola wanted in on the action. With the backpack propped against the wall (and the belt loop buckled), Lola went over and inserted herself into the empty space. The result of this particular exploration made it look like she planned on shouldering my pack down the trail. She’s an indoor-only cat, so she wasn’t allowed to actually join me on the trail, but I love the confident, assured look she projects – like backpacking is second nature to her.

Lola again channeling Maru:

16 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Lola

  1. Ooooooh! What a gorgeous girl. I too have a soft spot for all-grey kittehs. And for kittehs that like to squeeze into tight spots.

  2. Actually, I think she’s a pedigree Russian Blue. Everything about her from her colour to her coat length to her eye colour and shape to her ear-set just screams “Russian!”

    1. I agree totally with you. Russian Blue all the way. Also the hanging out with people is another aspect of the Russian Blue. They’re very much a people cat. They’re also a great cat for people with low allergies, they’re short hair and don’t shed that much. Mine loved to be brushed.

  3. Wow, she is beautiful! And my fav pic is the first–she appears to be meditating. They’ll all adorable shots, though.

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