28 thoughts on “The ineffable grace of the kitten

  1. That was simply delightful!

    And congratulations on surviving another term! Here’s hoping your students put their new-to-them knowledge to good use — and may some of that use be discovering new-to-everybody-else-too knowledge!



  2. that is one focused kitty!
    (Oh, first comment ever on a kitty-post. Me being allergic to them and all, I really do not have a lot of kittenesque stuff to participate with on kitty-posts)

      1. According to the description of the video on You Tube:

        Music “Serengetti Bliss” composer Papa J, publisher: Extreme Music

        My creaky, stiff middle-aged body is absolutely envious of the strength, flexibility and agility of that young kitteh body. It would be wonderful to inhabit a body like that.

  3. Even has the (now) mandatory slo-mo lapping! Wish I could attend the Speciation class next term-tough to commute from British Columbia…

  4. Love the landings as the kitten’s legs extend so they can absorb the impact, all the while her head is turned and she’s tracking her prey. Amazing amount of control packed into a tiny package.

  5. I wish my cats had such grace. The male is agile enough, but when our female jumps she looks like I did trying to touch the basketball rim in high school. There’s a lot of flailing, some cursing, and not much height achieved.

  6. It would be quite interesting to see, in a couple years time, the same kitteh doing the same activities. The slo-mo really does highlight the importance of play in honing hunting skills, and just how-close-yet-so-far undeveloped (or developing) skill can be. I suppose it is fortunate that the little one is domestic and not reliant on hunting, so one can laugh (in joyous adoration) at those so-close-yet-so-far moments in the video.

    1. The camera is the Phantom HD. The video is one of their promotional pieces. I won’t link to the site, but if you’re that interested in finding out more about the camera just follow the links on the YouTube page for the video.

  7. Yesterday I was waiting for my espresso doppio to be brewed at a local Starbuckies, twiddling my fingers in mild displeasure at the barista’s inefficiency: lots and lots of motion, but most of it quite jerky and unneeded. She probably thought she was working hard, but most of her effort was wasted.

    My thought was that she needs to take lessons in slow dancing, Tai Chin … or, now I see, kittenish leaping in slo-mo.

    In my own household, Big Mama cat is overweight and flaps in the breeze if she tries to run. Her daughter, Little Girl, only a year younger, is thin, lithe, and extremely graceful in her leaps. Maybe I should sit Big Mama in front of the monitor and have her watch the video?

    1. “Tai Chin”, is that a figurative of the kind of chin figure you get from practicing _very_ slow dancing?

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