Kitteh contest: Clyde Stubbletail

March 2, 2011 • 8:51 am

Reader Chris submitted his cat Clyde Stubbletail, a double mutant with no tail but extra toes.  I think you’ll agree, though, that he’s a handsome lad:

This is Clyde. Clyde Stubbletail – named after a former drummer for James Brown, Clyde Stubblefield. He is a completely tailless (a “rumpy”), polydactyl, Maine Coon Manx. He’s sweet and handsome and when he does something clever, he lets you know by cocking his head and strutting with what I swear looks like a smile. His genetic condition makes him sensitive to too much handling, but at night he snuggles up to us, sucks his thumb, and purrs. That’s when he loves to be petted. We adopted him from an extension of the Humane Society, where, we suspect, he was on his final days. When my wife and I first met him, he was stressed, sick, and biting whoever handled him. So we decided to come back later in the week. Within a few days though, we received a phone call telling us that if we came right away and took him, the Society would wave the adoption fees. We didn’t want to ask too many questions so we went down and picked him up. He has a few problems because of his genetics, but he is so quirky that everyone, including the vet, thinks he’s amazing.

27 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Clyde Stubbletail

  1. Those eyes! If I knew a girl with eyes like that I would marry her (chances are she would not have me!), so not surprising that you fell for this puddy-tat.

  2. What a cat. Handsome and distinguished. Great eyes, great feet, and Mr. Stubbleday no doubt always has a good hair day. I’m glad he found a home where he is loved and returns it, too. I’m so glad you post these.

  3. Clyde also loves to listen to Bach in the evenings with Chris and the Met Opera Saturdays on NPR. He’s very proud of his summer shave that makes him look like Puss in Boots.

  4. This had made my day. He is breathtakingly wonderful and splendid. He should have won the contest.

  5. Dr. C.: I enjoyed your report on the Science article on cat drinking technique.

    My cats have another technique, which I had never seen before; but now appears to be common (from anecdotes I hear):

    Dip the paw

    Lick the paw

    This is almost the only way my two kittehs drink. Somtimes they toss a play toy in and then lick that. However, when we give them tuna water drained from the can, they lap it right up in the normal kitteh manner.

    (This seemed like as good a thread as any to toss this in!)

    1. Great pics!

      I’ve had cats do the same thing, but not constantly. I once had a tall glass of something sitting on the arm of the chair I was in, when my roommate’s cat jumped up, sat next to the glass, and began to delicately stick her paw into the glass, draw it out, lick the paw, and stick it in again. I was marvelling at just how immensely coordinated cats are, right till the point she knocked the glass into my lap…

  6. Ah, but such a shame about the lack of tail! I enjoy petting my cats’ tails, which they tolerate only because tail strokes are slipped in between backstrokes and head scritches. Oh, well…

    1. Ha ha.
      Often I have to slip in a tail stroke if the kittehs are facing away from me and just out of reach for a full back stroke.
      I have recently noticed that both of them like a good hard shoulder massage.
      Is this common I wonder?

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