Caturday felid: tubbin’ it

January 1, 2011 • 6:52 am

Happy new year!  We’ve had a surfeit of felids the last few days, so I’ll proffer a simple video of a Scottish fold kitteh (no, it’s not Maru) chillin’ in a warm bath with his rubber ducky.  Lest you think it’s weird, this video is from Japan, land of the soaking tub.

To see other videos of this cat bathing, click on “up next” at the upper right when the video ends.

Oh, and best wishes from Maru, too (perhaps one of our Japanese-speaking readers can translate this card?):

11 thoughts on “Caturday felid: tubbin’ it

  1. It’s doubly weird, I can interpret the folded ear as drooping from water.

    But da Cute winz!

  2. The card says:
    “Kinga Shinnen. Sakunen wa taihen o-sewa ni narimashita. Honnen mo yoroshiku onegai moushiagemasu.”

    Basically, it means “Happy new year. Thanks for all you’ve done for me over the past year. Please treat me favourably again this year.”

    It’s standard New Year’s card stuff in Japan. Nothing LOLcattish.

    1. I like that Maru card.

      Which raises the question: is there a Japanese version of LOLcatspeak? Internet kittehs seem extremely popular there.

      My wife and I lived in Japan for a few months almost 20 years ago — the Scottish fold kittehs were popular even then.

      1. Nope–no LOLcat speak that I’ve noticed. Just your basic Kawaii-speak (cute-speak) that is used with children, with reference to Kitty-chan, animals, things like that.

  3. When I was a lad (oh so long ago) I used to have a friend living on Bowen Island (just off the coast from Vancouver) who had a stream that ran through his property on its way down to the ocean a short distance away. Ducks used to paddle up the stream from the sea and Reg’s cat – a big old tomcat whose name I’ve forgotten – had a hankering for sitting almost submerged in the water and waiting for a duck to swim by not paying attention. On more than one occasion I was a witness to his success 🙂 There’s nothing quite like the sight of a thoroughly wet cat dragging a mallard in by its neck and looking oh so proud of himself.

  4. Oddly, my mum’s cat enjoyed sharing a bath with her!

    Mind you, living in Scotland a cat will do anything for warmth!


  5. My cat often joins me in the bathroom but it’s strictly me in the bath and her on the edge. She needs a bath actually but I doubt it will go this this!

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