The most important cat photos and videos of 2010

December 31, 2010 • 5:48 am

Happy New Year (well, for tomorrow)!  Here’s a collection of thirty (!) of the most viral cat videos (and photos) of the past year. Some we’ve seen before; most we haven’t.

I’m putting up my three favorites, but don’t miss the others.

1.  Squeaking Fear of Intimacy Kitteh:

It’s not so much the fear of intimate contact in and of itself; it is a sort of horror attendant upon the act of self-abnegation required to lose yourself completely in an embrace from the “other”.

2.  Hermes: The Cat Who Likes to be Hurled:

3.  Cattycake. This is one of the most-viewed cat videos on YouTube:

My three favorite photos. Halloween cat:

And the miracle cats, with divine inscriptions in their fur:

Who can forget Polly, in whose fur the Intelligent Designer, suffering from amnesia, inscribed the name of His creation:

And if this doesn’t sate your ailurophilia, over at the Cheezburger site you can see a precis of their best posts of 2010: The Year in LOLcats.  And there’s always The Best Maru Moments of 2010 (videos and photos of our favorite Scottish fold).

6 thoughts on “The most important cat photos and videos of 2010

  1. I had a cat that loved being tossed. It had a profoundly calming effect on her. I assumed that this was common to all cats.
    In my doddering old age I no longer treat my cats so cavalierly – the only time I even pick them up is to put them in their carrier for the trip to the vet.

  2. Catching up (cat-ching–hey, cool! :D) on the 100’s of unread emails in my Inbox that piled up while I was away, so of course I’m skimming for the cat-threads first. From the dearth of comments here, looks like I wasn’t the only one otherwise occupied!

    That Halloween pic is wild.

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