Holiday Caturday: the best Christmas gift (if you can wrap it)

December 25, 2010 • 6:54 am

After inspecting this video several times, I’ve concluded that the kitteh must have been sedated.

Oh, and if this doesn’t sate your ailurophilia, BuzzFeed has 109 pictures of cats wearing sweaters.  Not only did one person find and collect all these photos (many of them LOLzy), but a bunch of people knit sweaters for their cats! E.g.:

BuzzFeed also has a huge meta-list of cute animal photos.  Hours of squee: check out the owls and the baby sugar gliders.

Today begins my own personal holiday—Coynezaa—which extends over the six days from Christmas to my birthday.  (Everyone should have a personal named holiday.)  Happy Xmas to all, and thanks for reading!

18 thoughts on “Holiday Caturday: the best Christmas gift (if you can wrap it)

  1. It never would have occurred to me to dress up a cat in a sweater. I mean, they’ve already got fur coats, right?

    I suspect, if I put Baihu in a sweater, he’d be one of those with a “Why you do this to me?” look on his face.

    In somewhat related news, he’s actually taken pretty well to the harness and leash. For about a week, now, every evening just before dinner we’ve gone out in the back yard for a bit. He really seems to get quite a kick out of it. He sniffs everything in sight, and there’s one patch of dust he really likes to roll in, just like a dog would at the beach with something dead and ripe.

    He’s gotten spooked a couple times by, for example, the neighbor taking the trash to the alley. But his instinct was to run back into the house, which I was very glad to see. That’s actually a big part of why I’m doing this: to get him familiar with his surroundings so he can easily find his way home in case he ever escapes. (Which is why he gets dinner right after we come back inside.)

    I’m also hoping that I can slowly work to get him to overcome his terror of strangers. The eventual goal is to be able to get in the car, go to a public park, plop him on my shoulders (with harness and leash, of course) and go for a walk. That day is a looooooooooooooong ways away…but, if it ever comes, we could then even go on road trips together!



    1. That cat looks more surprised than annoyed.

      All 3 of our cats (well, 2 now) love to go out in the backyard, under supervision of course. When I come home from work we all would go for a walk out front, which really means that they will sniff ours and the neighbor’s bushes. It’s been years since I’ve used a leash. 2 hand claps and they will all make a bee-line for the back yard. We also take them for walks in the forest preserves and on vacations, where we also walk in the woods. They tend to follow any trails, and it didn’t take long to teach them, but your results may vary.

  2. Happy Coynezaa!

    When I was a little girl, our tenants had an orange tabby that I adored. Deedee would let me dress her up in my doll clothes and push her around in a carriage. I could do almost anything to that cat.

    When I got my own cat, Grayson, no way in hell would he let me do anything like that. He was happy to be held and petted, but there were limits! He was my guard cat, too!

    1. My little Abyssinian cat Pixel had enormous scratching problems. Her skin was starting to suppurate and no meds or topical applications would help.

      So I dressed her in a sweater where she couldn’t get to scratch and it worked. It was a matter of breaking her nervous habit. It was a miliary dermatitis but the sweater helped.

      I have packed all photos away – when I unpack at the new house I will try to find the photo and post it. The sweater was light green as I recall.

  3. Probably not sedated. The guy does massive domino masterpieces, and lets his cat play around them before eventually knocking them over himself. I think the cat is just that chill.

  4. Doesn’t it have strangely stiff legs when it walks in? Perhaps it’s arthritic and doesn’t actually like to move.

    Happy Coynukkah.

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